All the best foooood + JJ Grey & Mofro + Rhea is in her teen years…

We are having the best time on our little getaway! Yesterday, we tried to go to breakfast at a place called Nomads, but it wasn’t open yet, so we waited. Then, once it opened, the kitchen staff hadn’t shown up yet, HA, so we went to The Farmer’s Table instead and it was AMAZING.

This was maybe the best pancake I’ve ever had. I want another one…I didn’t eat much else on my plate, but the pancake was SO good.

After breakfast, Jake headed out for a run and I hopped on my computer for a quick meeting. I was extra thankful for the ability to work anywhere. And in my jammies.

After my meeting, I lounged in bed and watched Superbad while eating salt and vinegar chips. When Jake got back from his run, we headed out to grab pizza for lunch. We went to Wood Stone Pizza, and it was amazing! Our friend, Alex, recommended all these places to us. She’s a food genius.

I had an Italian cream soda with vanilla and I think I could’ve polished off a gallon of this stuff….HOLY YUM.

After lunch, we drove around for a little bit, took a nap, then got ready for dinner. We attempted a family photo. Rhea, who is in her teen years, was pretty angsty about the whole thing!

Zoomed in picture for proof. Look at those eyes. HAHA! I love that she’s looking right at the camera with all that sass.

After dinner, we went to a JJ Grey & Mofro concert, which is the same concert we went to five years ago when we decided we would start dating. Back story: Jake had asked me out a few weeks before the 2016 concert. We had become super good friends, but I was nervous that dating would ruin that, so I told him no. He said no biggie and we kept being friends. Well, we went to the JJ Grey & Mofro concert in 2016 with some other friends and lets just say there were A LOT of tequila shots taken. We then started talking about dating again…before the end of the night, we were not only ‘dating’, we were officially a couple. HA! I think the tequila, and my good friend, Katie, who told me I was crushing hard on Jake, which was true, are to thank for that. The rest is history! Thank you Katie and tequila!

No tequila was had this time around. ; )

Lu loves selfies (I think). Rhea is still sulking in the background.

For dinner, we went to Hugo’s (another Alex recommendation) for burgers and they were AMAZING. I had the jalapeño burger and loved every bite.

We walked around the Fayetteville square a little and loved how cute all the shops are. They also have the most beautiful flowers surrounding on of the buildings in the middle. It looks like this the entire way around.

The JJ Grey & Mofro concert was so fun! We got lucky and found a spot with zero people standing against the back wall, so we posted up there for most of the concert. We both were pretty tired about 10PM, so we left around then, but we loved getting to hear JJ Grey & Mofro again!

Happy Friday Eve, friends!

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