Weekend Wrap-up!

My Weekend Wrap-up blogs are usually my longest and have the most pictures. I didn’t feel very well most of the weekend, so I don’t have my normal amount of pictures to share. My worst symptom right now  is 24/7 nausea. It never goes away. I’m not throwing up, so I’m thankful for that, but the constant nausea has me down for the count most days. French toast sounded good Friday morning, so that’s what I had.

Soups have been sounding good recently, so I stocked up soup and ramen. I also saw these Cheetos Puffs and couldn’t resist….YUM.

For dinner Friday, Kayla and I went to Galloway, which was a blast. I failed to get a picture of us, but here’s the delicious Nashville Chicken Sandwich that I inhaled.

I ran a few errands Saturday morning and grabbed breakfast from Dancing Mule. I love their cinnamon slammer breakfast sandwich and sweet roll latte – 10/10 recommend. Later in the day, I had this bowl of deliciousness for a snack – a banana, granola, and whipped cream.

Exciting news for Trail Sisters Springfield – Michelle and Rachel have come on as co-leaders with me! I am SO excited to have them. Our past co-leader, Alex, has moved to Arkansas. We will miss her like crazy, but can’t wait for some Springfield/Fayetteville runs!

Jake and I both wanted Chinese food Saturday night, so we grabbed Peking House and watched Talladega Nights while we ate. We both laughed so much. I had forgotten how funny that movie is.

Jake’s Momma brought my birthday present over early (my birthday is in September). She got me a pair of shoes from Freebird! I cannot wait to wear these. Thank you, Penny! I love them so much!!

This girl…she moved that blanket from the END of our bed up to our pillows and made herself a cozy little spot.

Sunday morning consisted of breakfast in bed after sleeping 10 hours. I’ve been on a breakfast sandwich kick the past few days. Plus some yogurt.

Rhea plopped down right on my hair, so I was stuck in this position for a little bit.

I vacuumed our house, then sat at my computer for the rest of the day. I had Alphabet Soup for dinner, which was super tasty. Dessert was a fudge bar, a peach, and a plum…

I am going to attempt to keep moving today and see if that makes me feel any better. Just finished breakfast and am going to head to the gym…fingers crossed!

Happy Monday, friends!


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  1. Sally

    have you tried a ginger supplement? I was on IV antibiotics for 2 weeks and it helped with the nausea. I heard about them from a friend who took them while pregnant!

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