Motion sickness bracelets + a really good book + mourning the loss of a great human

I made it to the gym yesterday and even have the sore swagger to show for it…it was leg day and we did squats, lunges, and hip thrusts. I modified hip thrusts and am still not lifting super heavy, but it felt SO good to go. Our clinic wants me taking it easy until the second trimester, which is a few weeks away. At that point, I will see how I’m feeling and adjust…I might even start running again…we’ll see! I am having 24/7 nausea, so I’ve been rocking my motion sickness bracelets. I think they help a little bit!

After the gym, I had a breakfast sandwich and two waffles…I may or may not have had a breakfast sandwich for each meal yesterday…they’re just SO good. I popped into a meeting after I inhaled this, then spent the morning grading.

I was looking for a picture yesterday and came across this one from when I was little, maybe two? I was bitten by a baby tiger. Here’s a picture for proof. Yes, someone took the time to snap the picture before saving me…Mother, care to explain yourself? ; ) There used to be an advertising company next to my Dad’s dental office. They had a baby tiger there for a commercial, so my Dad called my Mom and had her bring me over to see the tiger. Apparently I was petting it and it just grabbed my hand. It didn’t break the skin or anything, but it wouldn’t let go. My Dad had to use Vaseline or something similar to slip my hand out of the tiger’s mouth. Here’s proof it happened! The caption on the picture says, “Chelsea is bit by a tiger”…HA! Like it happened every day.

Another breakfast sandwich and some cauliflower noodles with meatballs for dinner.

Still wearing my motion sickness bracelets. These did not come off yesterday.

I started this book yesterday around 3:30 PM and finished it around 7PM. I am a fast reader, but this book was also a super quick read. Layla by Colleen Hoover. I got annoyed at one point and almost stopped reading, but it all worked itself out. If you’re looking for a book, check this one out!

I saw this on the socials and it made me laugh SO hard. I can see a kiddo thinking this way.

Rhea loves to nap with her head resting on our coffee table. She does this almost every night.

We lost a good friend last week. Our friend, Zach, passed away. When I first moved in with Jake, Zach was also living in his house, so the three of us lived together for awhile. Zach had an infectious laugh and was always down for a deep conversation. He started calling Jake and I “Dad” and “Mom”. We miss him so much. His funeral is today, which I know will be difficult. Zach, we hope you’re living it up in Heaven’s lakes.

Hug your loved ones.

Happy Tuesday, friends!

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