Gal time + patio updates + down for the count!

I forgot to share some fun pictures from a brunch my sweet Godmother, Elaine, hosted the other day. I failed to get a picture of the first course, but here’s the aftermath…we had peaches and cream. They. Were. Delicious!

Elaine spoiled us with quiche, bacon, danish, and delicious fruit. This meal made my belly SO happy.

Elaine has the most beautiful gardens, so Adrienne and I got to enjoy them while we were enjoying our delicious meal.

Thank you, Elaine, for having us over!!! It was a wonderful morning. <3

Here’s a little update on our backyard/patio area. When we first bought our house, there was a deck covering this entire area. The wood was pretty rotten, so we pulled it all up right away. The concrete was kind of beat up and uneven, so we are having a new patio poured. It will be a little bit bigger, too. I cannot wait to see it! The guys just started tearing out the old patio this week.

A current favorite – strawberries and Cool Whip. I like the extra creamy Cool Whip the best. I could probably eat the entire container…

Rhea laid like this for a long time and just smiled at us. She’s a weirdo.

I went to the gym Tuesday night with Kayla. After the gym, I was craving McAlister’s….I LOVE their honey mustard. I picked it up for dinner (yes, I heated up my sandwich). It hit the spot! I needed more than one side of honey mustard.

Here’s the broken up patio. They will pour the new patio over what is left. I will share updates as we have them! I don’t think they’ll pour anything until next week.

Wednesday morning, I woke up feeling pretty awful. I had plans to meet my friend, Becca, to walk and get coffee, so I ate some cereal and hoped it would settle my stomach a little.

Becca and I walked three miles and then sipped coffee outside. It was SUCH a great morning. I am not running right now and I really miss my girl time. Hanging with Becca helped for sure! I never ended up feeling better, so I spent the rest of the day on the couch. I had more strawberries and Cool Whip.

Aaaaand another bowl of cereal….

I ordered Quizno’s through Uber Eats for dinner. I think I watched two whole seasons of Parks and Rec yesterday…thankful I am able to rest like that when I need to.

Watermelon is also hitting the spot right now. So delicious.

I haven’t shared our front yard in awhile….we have grass! It’s pretty long right now. We overwatered a few spots, so we need to reseed those, but it already looks so much better.

It’s hard to see in pictures, but our front yard is out of control. It will be mowed today (YAY!), so I hope that helps a little. We still have a million projects to knock out, but we have some a long way!

Happy Friday Eve, friends!


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