4 days! + cheese roll-ups are life + my parents’ anniversary!

Thursday morning started with cereal and the gym.

These two are still taking over my rug any time I work in my office.

Jake texted me around 1:30PM on Thursday and asked how I was doing. I sent him this picture from the couch. I then proceeded to sleep from 2PM-6:30PM…whoops. The all-day nausea is still kicking my tush.

Dinner was a breakfast sandwich, kiwi, and a Sprite Zero. This hit the spot.

Dessert was something my Mom used to make us when we were little. A tortilla with butter, sugar, and cinnamon heated up in the microwave, then cut into strips. I LOVE this treat and had forgotten about it.

Lots and lots of couch cuddles from my furbabes.

We had an ultrasound this morning – everything is still looking great! Then I went to the gym – I made it to the gym four times this week. I am thankful for the movement! After the gym, I stopped by my parents’ to spend some time with my grandparents who are in town from Florida, then I ran to the grocery store. Cheese roll-ups are life right now, but you need the Best Choice plain white tortillas and Mexican blend cheese. It’s the best combo. Heat in microwave, roll up, and cut into strips. SO AMAZING.

Happy anniversary to my amazing parents! I love your love and am inspired by your strong marriage. Love you both!

Happy Friday, friends!

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