Weekend Wrap-up: Family time + thankful to feel bad + back on trail!

This weekend was full of family time, lots of morning (all day) sickness, and some trail time. Rewinding to Friday evening, my grandparents from Florida are in town right now, so we all went out for dinner to celebrate my parents’ anniversary. I was pretty miserable, but a chicken dish at Ocean Zen sounded good, so I ordered it. By the time it got to me, I did not want it at all, HA! Sooo, I took it home and hoped I would want it later.

Family time is the best time.

Saturday morning started with some much needed trail time with our local Trail Sisters group. My doctors don’t want me trail running (or running at all right now), but I went and hiked and I think I smiled the whole time. How can you not smile when this is your view? We spent the morning at Fellows Lake and it was gorgeous.

These two crazies ran 5 miles while I walked 2.

I rocked some of my favorite Trail Sisters Springfield gear, which always makes me happy.

I ran some errands after our trail time, then came home and inhaled some cinnamon and sugar toast.

Then I enjoyed my leftovers from Friday night. This chicken hit the spot now that it was cold. Hot foods are not my favorite thing right now.

After lunch in bed, I slept from 1:30 until 5PM…it was amazing. Jake got home from golfing and joined us gals in bed for some cuddles.

Saturday evening, we went to my parents’ for dinner. Not only were my grandparents still there, but my aunt, uncle, and cousins also came over! It was such a fun night getting to catch up and spend time together. I ate WAY too much, most of this plate, so was then miserable for about an hour. There’s a fine line between eating enough to keep my nausea at bay, but not eating too much to where I’m stuffed.

Sunday morning started with breakfast, still on a breakfast sandwich kick, and a little HGTV with Jake.

My sister bought a house about 40 minutes away, so I went with my parents and grandparents to go see her. I packed all the snacks to take with me.

When I got back from seeing my sister, I had two cheese roll-ups. I cannot get enough carbs and cheese right now.

We had dinner with my aunt, uncle, and cousins Sunday evening, which was wonderful. Once we were back home, Lu tried to make herself a bed out of our bathroom mat…it didn’t work too well.

I am pretty consistently nauseous all day right now. I’m not complaining! I am thankful for the symptoms and a strong baby boy, but the nausea is definitely kicking my butt. If I can get to the gym early, I usually feel okay enough to lift a little before spending the rest of the day in bed or on the couch. I chowed down on a breakfast sandwich on my way to the gym this morning. The gym is my happy place right now, so I’m thankful for any movement I’m able to squeeze in.

I came home to the best mail day – a bouquet of locally grown flowers from the one and only Ozark Mtn Flower Truck. How gorgeous are these?? You can order your own bouquet HERE. They have the BEST flowers.

Happy Monday, friends!

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