I love bed + we finally started watching Yellowstone! + how to make meetings better…

Lunch after the gym yesterday was a cheese roll-up, jello, and a super cold peach. I love cold peaches right now. It was delicious.

After lunch and a little bit of work, I crawled into bed. I may or may not have had an ice cream sandwich…which was amazing.

I got some much needed cuddles from Lu.

We had one more meal with my grandparents last night before they head back home to Florida. My family got together at La Paloma. I love their kid’s menu because their portions are the perfect size. I had a cheese quesadilla, rice, and beans.

Jake and I FINALLY started watching Yellowstone. SO many people had recommended this show to us and we were excited to finally start it. We have only watched the first episode, but know we are going to love it.

Rhea made herself a bed against our bathtub while I was brushing my teeth.  She didn’t want to move…I guess she was comfy.

One way to make meetings better…iced coffee, chocolate almond milk, and whipped cream. YUM.

Happy Tuesday, friends!

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