A sentence per picture!

I am honored to be part of RADrabbit again this year – our team gear is awesome!

The girls and I tested out my new gear with a little walk yesterday.

Cheese roll-ups and jello are my jam right now.

Bye bye long hair!!

I am getting a haircut today and I cannot wait…I let my hair get too long and it is annoying me.

Lu is the cutest ever, especially when she uses a pillow like a human.

This combo (a TBS of ACV and some cranberry juice) was recommended to me for nausea…it did not help.

Dinner was ALL the sweet corn and some leftover cold lasagna.

Chips and candy are a staple in our house right now…we don’t usually have these things in our pantry.

Jake got home from golfing and it was Yellowstone time!

I just started this book last night and really like it so far…stay tuned.

This is my go-to for morning coffee right now- dark chocolate almond milk, iced coffee, and whipped cream.

I’m off to my haircut!

Happy Friday Eve, friends!

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