This made me laugh + thankful for AYB + 10 inches – GONE!

A friend sent me this meme and it made me laugh SO hard. I feel this as my fall semester gets closer. And now I want cheese balls…

It’s kind of hard to see, but before I left for the gym Thursday morning, I noticed a fox lounging on the tree that will one day become our dining room table. We have SO many fox families in our neighborhood. It’s so cool to see them running around. We think one has a crush on Rhea because any time she’s out, this one fox will follow us around. I told her she’s too young to date, though. ; )

I went to the gym again four times this week. I am SO thankful for the movement and the trainers there. I am modifying A LOT – I’m not supposed to lift over 40 pounds right now, so the trainers have been wonderful about helping me modify and coming up with different things for me to do, while still getting a good workout in. Love you, AYB!

I chopped about 10ish inches off my hair yesterday! It feels SO much better. I didn’t think it was that much, but my awesome hair dresser thought it was closer to 10, which I couldn’t believe. I definitely let it get way too long because I was so cranky about it. It was always in my way and getting caught in everything. This length feels great and is so much more manageable.

We had a bunch of bananas that were gonna go bad, so I made some banana muffins for us and some for Jake to take to work. They are DELICIOUS – a cinnamon, banana bread muffin! I followed THIS recipe.

I couldn’t sleep last night, so it was REAL hard to get up this morning, but I had an ultrasound, which I was excited and anxious about. I sipped on some cold brew and chocolate almond milk before heading to my appointment. Everything is great! I shared a video of little man on Instagram and Facebook – he was dancing at my scan this morning, which was so cute. Our ultrasound tech kept laughing at him. I am thankful for weekly scans right now! I have my first OB appointment in August.

After the gym, lunch was two cheese roll-ups, chips, and jello. My nausea is pretty bad today, so I’m about to crawl back into bed to relax for a little bit. : )

Happy Friday, friends!


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  1. Lindsay

    Your hair looks fabulous! It is still so long. But it looks so healthy and beautiful. I have unfortunately been dealing with some nausea the last few weeks but mine is definitely not due to pregnancy but instead I am thinking the cause is some medication, but stopping the medication isn’t an option so I just try to keep my mind busy and actually moving and being active makes me feel better so I try to not lay down and nap until the afternoon if I can keep myself from it! 💕

    • papersandpavement

      Thank you! Ugh, I’m sorry to hear that. Feeling nauseated is SO awful. I sometimes feel better if I move, but I’m lacking motivation to do much lately. Ha! I hope you feel better ASAP!!

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