Relaxing + food + one year ago we started IVF!

This weekend was full of relaxing and good food. Rhea and I got some cuddles in, which I always love.

Dinner Friday night was Chinese food. I got Lucy’s, which is good, but it definitely doesn’t compare to Peking House, which is my favorite. I need to remember to only get Peking…

Rhea doesn’t care where the food comes from, she’ll eat it. How do I say no to this face?

I finished this book Friday. It was SO good. It was a fast read and I really enjoyed it. It’s a feel good book.

Breakfast Saturday was a breakfast sandwich and yogurt.

I had an extreme craving for bagels and cream cheese, so I did grocery pick-up from Target and added a bagel to some leftover Chinese food for lunch. HA! Such a weird combo. I ate most of this plate and was WAY too full afterward, so I was miserable. I need to remember that smaller portions more often work so much better for my stomach right now.

I spent a lot of the weekend on the couch watching Parks and Rec, one of my favorite shows. Lu joined me for some cuddles occasionally.

My dinner Saturday night was another bagel with cream cheese and some jello…I love bagels right now.

The Neighborhood Watch, reporting for duty.

This was delicious…I ate this whole thing in two sittings.

Here is a list of recent books I have read. I enjoyed most of them! You can see my rating for each one – out of 5 stars. I shared a lot of these a few weeks ago, but I’d added a few more since then.

I am currently reading this book, Small Great Things, and I am really enjoying it so far! I’m about halfway through and have a hard time putting it down.

Cheese roll-ups are still a staple over here, too. They’re just so delicious.

I have tried a bunch of different powders and glues/base coats for dip manicures at home, but I think I finally found a combo that will last longer than some other brands. This powder brand, OneDor Nail Dip Powder, seems to be one of the best. Below is a link – this light pink is my favorite nail color.

This brand is the best glue, top coat, and activator I have found. It REALLY bonds and doesn’t feel flimsy at all. Highly recommend this set if you’re looking to dip at home.

Here are my nails with the light pink powder from above and using the dip kit I also shared. It is SO easy to use. You just use the base coat first, paint it on like normal polish, then dip your nail into the powder. Use a brush to lightly brush off excess, then repeat two or three times. From there, use the activator liquid, then the top coat liquid, and you’re good to go! If you have any uneven spots, you can buff them out with nail buffer block. That’s it!

Here are some buffer blocks.

 Sometimes ya just need a Hot Pocket. I can’t remember the last time I had a vegetable, which is not like me at all. I hope my love of veggies returns soon.

ONE YEAR ago today, I started meds for our first egg retrieval. I cannot believe it. You can read all about our journey HERE.

It seems impossible that it was a year ago, yet, so much has happened in that time. Multiple egg retrievals, countless injections, two HSGs, one canceled mock transfer (which led to us thinking we’d have to remove one of my tubes – that didn’t happen!), one mock transfer which gave us all the information needed to hopefully ensure a successful transfer, hundreds of bruises, painful knots, our savings to remodel our home – spent, two viable babies (one still on ice), & one successful transfer. We are currently pregnant with a wiggly baby boy, due in February. All of it was worth it. We can’t wait to meet you, Baby Bradley. You are already so loved.

Happy Monday, friends!

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