Can’t stop, won’t stop + ready for concrete + a vegetable!!

I can’t stop eating cheese roll-ups. Physically can’t do it. They’re my go-to for lunches right now.

I felt pretty crummy yesterday afternoon, so I hopped into bed and read for a few hours.

Our concrete guys were here doing some prep work to pour our new patio. I CANNOT wait to have a patio again. I don’t think they’ll pour anything until next week, but it’ll be so great once it’s all done.

Last night was a good night…I finally wanted a vegetable!! It has been WEEKS since I’ve wanted vegetables. It may have only been iceberg lettuce, but it was SO good. I bought the Olive Garden salad dressing and it was delicious.

Post dinner couch cuddles and some Peacock. All of my favorite shows are on Peacock (The Office, Parks and Rec, etc.), so I stopped Hulu and made the switch.

Cereal for dessert with two jealous pups.

Lu laid like this for a long time. I thought it was so precious, so of course had to document it.

I FINALLY managed to get up earlier today and take the girls on a walk before it got too hot. I need to do a better job of this every day.

Breakfast in-between our walk and the gym this morning – a super cold peach and a bagel.

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Happy Wednesday, friends!

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