Selfie with Little Man + a masterpiece + Zoom meetings…

We normally have ultrasounds on Friday mornings, but I had a meeting all morning today, so we moved my appointment to Thursday afternoon. I am SO thankful for weekly scans. I love seeing our sweet little guy, but I also appreciate the peace of mind the weekly scans give me. We are almost out of the first trimester!

Little man is measuring right where he should and is healthy as can be! While the tech was scanning, a country song came on and he started kicking right on the beat. It was SO cool. The tech and I both just stopped and stared at the monitor.

Post-ultrasound called for a bag of butter lover’s popcorn. YUM.

I graded finals all day yesterday and loved the title of this paper: Stop the Pendulum and Teach Kids to Read. The paper itself was also wonderful. For those that may not know, I teach the reading courses in one of our master’s programs. I. Love. My. Job.

The guys finished prepping everything for our new patio! I will share pictures as they start pouring the concrete. I can’t wait!

I created a masterpiece. Cold spaghetti noddles, Olive Garden’s Italian salad dressing, and parmesan cheese. It’s SO delicious. I may or may not have had three bowls yesterday…

This is how most of our evenings look. On the couch, watching TV.

I woke up to Rhea shoved in-between my pregnancy pillow and my body. HA! This girl loves to cuddle.

Our toaster broke a few days ago, but I’ve been craving a bagel. I discovered you can toast a bagel in the AirFryer! Put it on 310 and fry for 3 minutes. That’s it! So easy.

I had a Zoom meeting all morning – business on top, sweats on bottom.

This is the background for my Zoom meetings. I love the lights and the plants. While no one can see the pictures of our babe, I like knowing that he’s right behind me.

Happy Friday, friends!

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