Finally tackled a project from November…+ I cooked!! + patio update!

I spent a little bit of time on my computer Monday morning. My two summer classes are over, so I’m just working on getting things ready for the fall and taking care of last-minute stuff for the summer. Rhea was terrorizing Lu, so she hid under my desk where Rhea couldn’t get her.

I have been so lazy finishing up small projects around our house. We knocked out SO many big projects in a short amount of time that I think when we took a break, we REALLY took a break. Now that we just have smaller projects, I’ve been putting them off. I FINALLY tackled something I should have finished months ago. We painted everything – walls and trim – in the bedrooms in November. We still need to paint the wood around the windows (inside the trim), but I’ve just been putting it off. It’s not even that big of a project! Anyway, I finally tackled the tape that has been between the trim and the windows yesterday. It was pretty stuck after being on there for so long, but I managed to get it all off.

This is in our master. Now to paint! I THINK we are going to paint them black…just the wood around the windows, not the trim. The trim is already finished. We’ll see! That’s our new king bed on the floor, too. HA! I can’t wait to move into the master in a few months…hopefully. The room we are currently set-up in will become the nursery.

Lunch was the last of my Qdoba leftovers. Check out all that grease from the chips.

I felt like cooking yesterday, which hasn’t happened in a LONG time.

I made a random pasta salad – chickpea noodles, chickpeas, corn, cheese, and Olive Garden Italian salad dressing. I don’t want hot stuff right now and this hit the spot. Jake loved it, too.

We had some shrimp with the pasta salad for dinner.

This morning, the guys started pouring concrete for our patio! They will do half the patio and the steps today, then finish up the rest tomorrow. I’m so excited!

I sipped on some iced coffee before heading to the gym.

I am forever eating breakfast sandwiches in the car…anyone else?

I am still not lifting more than 40 pounds, which is always harder on leg day – I like lifting heavy! Buuuuut, I am just fine following that modification. Alternating lunges always burn SO bad, even with lower weight. Extra thankful for this body, all it is doing, and the ability to move.

Happy Tuesday, friends!

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