Rough day + sometimes you just NEED Funfetti + we have a patio!

PB&J sandwiches have sounded good the past few days, so that’s what I’ve been having for lunch. I have stocked up on easy to grab things, so we have lots of chips, yogurt, and fruit snacks right now, too.

I had a rough day yesterday, so spent the day either on the couch or in bed. Extremely thankful I am able to do that when I need to. Yesterday was just one of those days.

I don’t think the girls minded the extra cuddles.

Dinner was a leftover burger crumbled into a wrap with cheese and ketchup. I had one bite of that twice baked potato and didn’t like it, so I saved it for Jake to take to work for lunch.

Our patio is finished! Well, the pouring of the concrete is finished. We still have a ways to go until this whole area is finished. The patio looks AMAZING. We made it a little bit bigger than the original and I think we are going to love it so much.

Sometimes ya just need Funfetti cupcakes. I cannot wait to enjoy one of these.

I swear our son is going to come out on fire…all I want right now are super spicy chips. HA! My middle school students always LOVED Takis. They were always trying to get me to try them. They would be so proud of me now!

After the gym this morning, I took the girls on a short walk before lunch. I felt better today when I woke up, so hoping that continues the rest of the day.

Lunch today was another PB&J, some strawberries, and some peach yogurt. YUM.

Happy Friday Eve, friends!

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