Weekend Wrap-up: all the food + still rough + at least Jake’s crushing it…

I spent most of the weekend on the couch, but I THINK my first trimester symptoms are starting to let-up a little bit. I still have moments where I feel crummy, but it’s nothing like it was, so that’s a huge positive. Lunch Friday was a Hot Pocket, my last piece of beer bread, and strawberries with whipped cream. Random, but delicious. Very carby.

I am still loving these Funfetti cupcakes. My friend, Annemarie, sent me a text about Funfetti coffee creamer! I feel like I need to try it…

Jake worked in our yard for about 4 hours after work Friday – he’s amazing. While he finished up, I picked up dinner from Everyday Thai, my favorite Thai place in town. Their Pad Thai is out of this world. I got it with tofu and it made me so happy. They also have the best fresh spring rolls. Whatever sauce comes with them is AMAZING. We watched Yellowstone while we enjoyed dinner. My favorite kind of date night.

Jake tried something new and loved it. I can’t remember what it was, but he was pretty happy about it.

The best part? I can usually get three meals out of the Pad Thai, so I had leftovers Saturday and Sunday for lunch. Win-win.

Well, this is a delicious combo – animal crackers and frosting. I have had a sweet tooth off and on the past few months. Since I am finally starting to feel a little better and more in control of what I’m eating, I am trying to limit myself to one to two sweets a day. There for awhile, I was just eating whatever sounded good because not very many things did and I felt so terrible if I didn’t have something on my stomach. I am glad that symptom is lessening. So are all my tight pants…HA! This treat definitely hit the spot.

How we spent our Saturday. I never changed out of my pajamas. I did knock out about two hours of work and I vacuumed, but other than that, we camped out on the couch.

Jake golfed Saturday afternoon and brought home dinner for us. I had a burger with mashed potatoes on the side. I requested white gravy since I don’t like brown gravy and this combo did not disappoint. I told Jake I am thankful we can grab take-out, but I am ready to have the motivation to cook at home again.

I didn’t get out of bed on Sunday until about 10AM. That never happens. I don’t like when I sleep that late. I woke up super disoriented. I had breakfast and coffee, then watched a little Everybody Loves Raymond, which is what I’m currently binging. Jake headed for a 6 hour training run in Arkansas around 4AM Sunday morning, so he was gone most of the day.

Lunch was the last of my Pad Thai and some strawberries.

Aaaaand more cupcakes…

Jake got home from his run about 5PM. He did great! 6 hours is a long time to be on your own running on gnarly trail, but he did it! I made Sloppy Joes and my favorite broccoli for dinner. This meal was delicious. For the broccoli, sautè in ghee and coconut aminos until tender, then top with Parmesan cheese and let it melt. That’s it! It’s so easy and so dang good.

Caught her mid-yawn this morning. As soon as Jake leaves for work, the girls steal his spot. I am working on slowly getting up earlier…I’ve been sleeping in until 8:30ish, which is nice, but I feel so groggy and like I’ve wasted a lot of my morning. I miss my 4AM wake-ups, but I don’t see those happening any time soon. I’m going to shoot for 7AM by the end of this week…I got up at 8AM today, so I think I can do it. We have been staying up WAY too late watching Yellowstone in the evenings, so I think if I can get to bed earlier, that will help. We’ll see!

I am off to the gym! Definitely don’t feel like going today, but I know I’ll feel better after I do. Plus, I don’t want to start my Monday off by skipping a workout. That’s lame, Chelsea.

Happy Monday, friends!

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