Productive Monday! + had to do it + scary moment with Lu

After the gym yesterday, the girls and I went on a little walk. I am still listening to the Office Ladies podcast. It’s SO good.

It may not look appetizing, but I polished off my burger and mashed taters leftovers from the other night and it was delicious.

I had a super productive Monday, which was great. I got a ton of work knocked out and spent the day in my office. My morning sickness didn’t hit until about 3PM, so I was able to get some things accomplished.

If it’s spicy and crunchy, I gotta have it.

Our BLTs were so good the other day, we had to have them again! I cooked the bacon in the oven – 400 degrees for 15 minutes. Perfect every time!

We had a scary moment with Lu last night. She came in from outside and immediately crawled under our couch. I walked to our bathroom to get my nausea bracelet and heard her walking behind me. She sounded kind of funny, so I looked at her and could instantly tell one of her paws was crazy swollen. We gave her a Benadryl, hoping it would help. She was acting like the whole foot/leg was really bothering her and I kind of panicked. Pregnancy hormones are no joke. There were tears. I told Jake I wanted to take her to the emergency vet. He thought we should wait it and see how she does with the Benadryl, but I just couldn’t do it, so we loaded up and headed to the clinic. The vet thinks it’s either a snake bite or a bad bee sting, but they checked her out, gave her injections to treat both, and sent us home with some oral medication. It’s hard to tell in this picture, but her poor paw was even more swollen by the time we left the clinic. By the time we got home, Lu was so loopy on meds, I don’t think she knew where she was. I knew she would try to jump into bed with us, so we set-up her kennel and had her sleep in there in our room. I told Jake if she cried at all, I’d go make a pallet in the living room for me to sleep on the floor with her. I’m sure he just rolled his eyes at me. But thankfully, she slept great through the night!

Her paw is still swollen this morning, but she’s walking on it, so that’s a huge plus. We need to monitor the swelling and look for signs of necrosis in case it was a snake bite, but Jake is going on a snake hunt after work tonight. There’s a hole that both dogs always dig in, so he’s gonna start there.

I am staying home today, just to keep an eye on Lu. I have a meeting later, but that’s it, so we are going to take it easy and relax. I just gave her some more medicine, so she’s currently passed out. It’s good stuff!

Happy Tuesday, friends!


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