A sentence per picture: she’s better + still need this + he’s cute!

Cheese roll-ups made an appearance again yesterday…I may or may not have had two.

Lu got her pain meds yesterday morning, so she slept for a good part of the day – I think that was good because it really gave her little paw time to heal!

Still rocking my Reliefband…this thing helps with my nausea SO much.

Dinner was a leftover Sloppy Joe and Pringles – I THINK I am starting to feel like meal prepping again…we will see how the next few days go.

This cutie patootie headed out for a two mile run (edit – he had a two HOUR run, not two miles. Hahaha, sheesh.) while I gave myself an at-home manicure…I miss running, but I am not envious of the miles he’s putting in right now in this dang heat.

Dessert was a protein waffle with pb and syrup – YUM.

Her paw is back to its normal size – I am so relieved! Whatever got her scared me. Jake didn’t have time to snake hunt last night, but he will before I let the girls back into the backyard. Lu’s update needed more than a sentence. ; )

Happy Wednesday, friends!

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