Thankful for thoughtful people + my first baby purchase + I cooked something…

I met my friend, Becca, for a walk yesterday morning. I, of course, had a breakfast sandwich on my way to meet her. We ended up walking almost 3.5 miles. The miles flew by since we chatted the whole time. It made my day!

I shared about my love of all things spicy and crunchy the other day. Kayla told me she saw these at Sam’s and grabbed a bag for me. I came home to them on our front porch. Thank you, Kayla!!! These are amazing. You’re the best!

I was craving a corn dog yesterday and everyone told me to get one from Sonic. It hit the spot. I can never pass up the Ched’R bites, either. They’re my favorite.

I made my first big baby purchase yesterday. I found a brand new mamaRoo on Facebook Marketplace and got a super good deal on it. I couldn’t pass it up! I have no idea if our baby will like it, but I thought we’d give it a try. It’s surreal to see this in our living room.

I FINALLY had motivation to cook something for dinner last night! It was so easy and random, but tastes amazing. Mexican bake to the rescue! Plus, we have lots of leftovers. Win-win. This has tortillas, ground beef, cheese, corn, black beans, and a quinoa/rice combo. So. Good.

I topped ours with salsa, but it would’ve been good with avocado and sour cream, too.

My Mom introduced me to these the other day and they are SO good. They’re a dark chocolate peanut butter wafer. I love grabbing them as a little snack.

I went to the gym this morning, then chowed down on this deliciousness for lunch. A PB&J, chips, and fruit snacks.

The old foot cuddle. Rhea’s favorite way to stay close to us.

Happy Friday Eve, friends!

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