My new best friend + I am becoming one with the couch…+ bittersweet morning!

The best husband ever got this fan for my office and it’s AMAZING. I was getting so hot while working in my office. We didn’t put a ceiling fan in, just a light fixture, so this fan saves the day.

I had a meeting yesterday and rocked my Reliefband the entire time. I had nausea most of yesterday, but this band definitely helps. I gives me a rash, so I try not to wear it all the time, but when I do wear it, it helps so much.

Snack time – some Mexican bake casserole and two cupcakes…we need these cupcakes outta here.

I spent most of yesterday evening on the couch. I was down for the count.

Jimmy John’s sounded good for dinner (yes, I heated it up), so we had that delivered and I was lazy all night. Thank goodness for the ability to binge watch whole seasons of shows! That helps keep my mind off the nausea.

It was a bittersweet morning…I had my LAST appointment and ultrasound at the clinic we’ve been with here in town since January. They have done all of my monitoring and sent it to MCRM in St. Louis, which saves me from driving to STL or Tulsa for each appointment, which is what I was doing early on in our IVF journey. I have gotten to know everyone here at the local clinic and was so sad to leave today.

BUT, baby boy is looking so strong and right on track for where he should be. We are 13 weeks today! We could see his spine and ribs, which was incredible. He has grown so much. So thankful for a healthy pregnancy thus far…praying it continues. I don’t take anything for granted. I will share all about the first trimester on our Baby Bradley page soon.

Happy Friday, friends!


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  1. Lindsay

    Congrats on 13 weeks on the 13th of August! Actually 13 is my LUCKY number and I was born on Friday the 13th! 💕
    Has Jake been able to change his hours at work yet so he can be at home a bit more when you aren’t work? Like you I MUST have a fan in every room or else I turn into a fire! When I moved into my first home (yes, 1 year ago today … I got lucky with a 13th closing date) I had to have fans installed into ALL of the bedrooms because the builder didn’t seem to think they were necessary, so it was the FIRST thing installed. 💕
    Hope you have a great weekend!

    • papersandpavement

      Thank you!! Aw, I didn’t know that. That’s a great date!

      He is back to normal hours! YAY! I’m so thankful. He’s still working like crazy, but I’m glad he’s home in the evenings now.

      Fans are the BEST!! I’m glad I’m not alone!

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