Weekend Wrap-up: a fun event + backwards? + Jake’s birthday!

This weekend was wonderful because we were able to spend some time with our families and celebrate Jake’s birthday. He turned the big 33 on Saturday! I went backwards a little bit and felt awful most of the weekend, which I hated. I wanted to do fun things with Jake, but I spent most of my time on the couch. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I am beyond thankful for this miracle pregnancy and I’ll feel sick the whole time if it means we bring a health baby home, BUT, I sure wouldn’t be mad if these symptoms lessened a little in the second trimester…

I’ve been on a PB&J kick for lunches, so that’s what happened most of last week. I am also still loving the spicy Veggie Straws (thank you, Kayla!), but heartburn is SLOWLY starting, so I’m trying to be careful with the spice.

I worked a little on my computer Friday, then spent the rest of the day like this.

Friday evening, we went to Jake’s parents’ for dinner. They had the most delicious taco/nacho bar and it was Heaven.

Saturday morning started with a super fun HOKA/Trail Sisters event at Fellows Lake! We were able to demo shoes while we ran or hiked, got all kinds of amazing swag, and had delicious refreshments after. Thank you, HOKA, for a fun morning! Saturday was also Jake’s birthday, so he golfed with his Dad and had so much fun.

After the event, it was back into my sweats and onto the couch with my girls. I did manage to wash, dry, and put away about 7 loads of laundry, so I was proud of that accomplishment.

I also managed a little meal prep for Jake – breakfast burrito fixings, which are his favorite. While I was cooking, everything smelled so good, so I made a burrito for myself, too.

True love is picking all kinds of gross things from your husband’s 6-hour trail run out of his running shorts. His shorts were COVERED in these burs.

I saw this meme on the socials and it made me laugh SO hard. This is so accurate. Teaching middle school was so hard, but also SO rewarding. I tell people that 7th grade is still my all-time favorite grade in K-12, but I don’t think I’d trade my higher education gig for anything. I love teaching college students, and I teach all of our master’s-level students, so they actually WANT to be in school. That alone makes such a huge difference. Sending out good vibes to all my K-12 people headed back into classrooms this week! You guys are amazing.

I swear he can sleep anywhere. Jake got a little birthday nap in before we went to dinner.

I did it. I put real clothes and make-up on for dinner. It felt good to get out of sweats for a little bit, but they’re the first thing I put back on when we got home from eating.

We went to Niji and got their combination dinner with steak and scallops. We were both disappointed in our meals, which made us bummed. We have now been disappointed the past two times we went to Niji. The last time we went, we got ALL the raw sushi right before we transferred. We ended up not eating everything we ordered because we just didn’t love it. We have had some really good meals there, but the last two have not been great.

I promise we will do something EXTRA fun next year!!! And we’ll have a sweet little boy to go adventure with.

Sometimes ya just NEED pancakes for lunch. Sunday consisted of cleaning bathrooms, getting groceries, then back to the couch for the day. Pancakes sounded super good, so I made a couple for lunch. I like both butter and peanut butter on my pancakes, so I had one with each. So good.

I doctored up the fried rice from our dinner Saturday night and it as SO much better. I added butter, coconut aminos, and pepper, then let it all get more crispy in a skillet. It was delicious.

Sunday evening, we had a little BBQ with our parents to celebrate Jake’s birthday. We had So much food. Stuffed jalapeños and potatoes with onions…

Cucumber salad, lettuce salad, brats, cream cheese dip…

Mac n cheese, beans, and sauerkraut. Everything was delicious.

I didn’t have room for everything on my plate, but was stuffed after eating all this, so I’ll have the other things as leftovers this week.

My Dad is Lu’s most favorite person in the entire world. If he comes over, no one else exists. They were searching for wildlife out the window. When my Dad leaves our house, Lu always goes straight into our room, crawls into bed, and pouts. It’s so sad.

Already missing her Grandpa Jeff. Her little crossed paws get me every time. She has been back to normal ever since our scare at the beginning of the week, so that makes me think it was just a sting from something and not a snake bite, thank goodness!

This is my last week before the fall semester starts! I can’t believe it. The summer flew by. I am ready to jump into the semester and get started…beyond thankful for technology and the ability to work remotely. <3

Happy Monday, friends!

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