Better! + lists save lives + veggies!

I went to the gym yesterday and felt like I had more energy, YAY, so that was super exciting. I can no longer lift while being flat on my back, so since it was bench day, we modified and I did an incline bench. I am beyond thankful for AYB, their willingness to work with me, and the ability to keep moving. I am going to keep going to the gym as long as I can! As far as running is concerned, as of now, I think I’m just going to take some time off. I haven’t felt like running, so I’m just going go with it. Running will always be there for me. After the gym, the girls and I went on a short walk.

I made all of this for lunch…I wanted a little bit of everything, but after eating the salad and the brat, I couldn’t even attempt the beans and mac n cheese. I was stuffed. Salads sound good again, which makes me sooo happy. I am on a poppy seed dressing kick right now. It’s delicious.

I shared a bunch of videos on the socials yesterday about my job and what I’ve been working on lately, so I’ll spare you all those details…Long story short, we have been working to rewrite my syllabi to better fit a new law that has taken effect in Arkansas. I finished up the bulk of the work yesterday and met with one of my bosses to go over it. Now all I have to do is go through each of my courses in Blackboard (the online platform where I teach) and make sure everything matches my new syllabi. To accomplish this, I made a list of what all needs to be done. I am a list girl. If it’s not on a list, it won’t get finished. I think I’ll be able to finish everything by Wednesday or Friday (I have meetings Thursday, so won’t work on this then). I was able to get ahead of schedule yesterday, so I hope I can wrap this up today and tomorrow. My two classes that start next Monday are all ready to go, so that’s the most important thing! I’m very excited to get the fall semester started.

My Dad made more beer bread and shared some with us. I could live off of this stuff. He use a vanilla porter for this one and it is AMAZING. It’s a little doughy in the center, which is my favorite. Best. Dad. Ever.

Friends, I had vegetables TWICE yesterday. That’s amazing. Dinner last night was brussels, salmon, leftover potatoes, and stuffed peppers. I gave my peppers to Jake because I’ve been getting heartburn (sad day).

Jake’s Mom brought over a massive bowl of fruit and some whipped cream, so I had that for dessert last night. Yum.

Jake took this picture over the weekend. Rhea isn’t allowed on the couch, but she has to touch one of us at all times, so we lounged like this for awhile. Maybe this is why my back is sore…HA!

Happy Tuesday, friends!

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