Jake is ready! + pizza night + some recent product changes

Yesterday, I went to the gym and had lunch, which was another delicious salad with poppy seed dressing and some leftover salmon.

My nausea and a headache hit right after I ate, so I parked it on the couch for the rest of the day. I had felt so great all day Monday, I got my hopes up that my symptoms were subsiding. Not yet!

I got these at Target and they are delicious. Himalayan salted dark chocolate almonds.

I spent the entire day yesterday on the couch. I didn’t do much at all other than respond to a few emails. Jake saved the day and picked up dinner for us from The Pitch. I had their pepperoni pizza and it hit the spot! They also have the best ranch dressing. We always get a couple sides of it to go with our pizza.

Jake was super excited that some of his new gear came in yesterday. He is pacing one of our good friends in the same hundred mile race in Colorado that Jake completed in 2017. Jake has been using the same packs for YEARS, so he finally got a new one from Ultimate Direction and he LOVES it. I’ll have him give me a little review of it after the race in case in anyone else is looking for a new pack. He also got some new shorts from Patagonia and says they might be some of his favorites. He’s modeling his new pack and shorts here.

He also got in some new trail shoes from Altra. They look sweet! We got long-sleeved shirts from Trail Sisters a few months ago, but haven’t been able to wear them yet since it’s been so hot here. Jake is going to take his with him and try to wear it while he paces. The weather in the mountains can change so quickly, so he needs to have some different options to choose from.

Rhea is such a bully with toys. She will take a toy from Lu, who was actively playing with it, lay down, and set her paw on it. Just to keep Lu from playing! She’s doing it here with Lu’s new pink tennis ball from my Mom.

Jake is one lucky fella, huh? Bedtime face masks and a little reading.

I have switched out some of my skincare products since becoming pregnant. I thought I had shared them, but have received a few messages asking about what I’m using, so I guess I forgot to share!  Here’s what I’ve switched to, but will probably keep using when I’m not pregnant, too – I’ve been pretty happy with everything. Everything below is pregnancy-safe, though.

I love this gel cream. I was skeptical about it at first. My skin is so sensitive and when I stopped using my skincare with salicylic acid, I started breaking out immediately. Some pregnancy website recommended this as a good hydrating cream for pregnancy (and non-pregnancy), so I got it. I’ve been using it for about a month and I think it has helped my skin clear up! When I first got rid of all my old skincare stuff, I got some Burt’s Bees products to use. I didn’t like any of them. The smell really bothered me and I didn’t like the texture of the face lotion or the face soap. Just a personal preference! So I switched to Kiehl’s and Cetaphil (both cheaper than Burt’s Bees, too) and I’ve been really happy with both of them. Just find what works for you! 

I still get blemishes, especially since I’m not using the salicylic acid my skin was used to. I have been using these Mighty Patches and they are a game changer. I just put a patch on my blemish when I go to bed, and in the morning, it’s gone. Amazing.

This is the Cetaphil daily cleanser I switched to. I love it. My skin definitely feels clean and it doesn’t leave the residue the Burt’s Bees stuff left. I LOVE anything Burt’s Bees in terms of lip care – I swear by their chapstick, but shoot, I didn’t like any of the skincare products I tried.

I just started using Witch Hazel, but I like how clean it makes my skin feel. I use it after washing my face at night and again in the morning.

These are the prenatals I take. There are SO many out there, it can be overwhelming to choose. I liked the flavor of these and they have everything in them that I need.

I’ve been using this lotion for about two months. It smells AMAZING. It’s only $5, too.

I take this ginger supplement every day. I think I started taking it when I was about 8 weeks, so I’ve been using it for almost 6 weeks now. I think it definitely helps!

This Morning Sickness tea was recommended to me when I was SO miserable a few weeks ago. It didn’t do anything for me and I don’t like the flavor at all, but thought I’d share in case anyone else was looking for a morning sickness remedy. I know a lot of gals who swear by this, but it just didn’t work for me.

I haven’t used these recently, but early on, they were my lifeline. I think I was popping one every hour or so. I used them a lot when I was at the gym and I think they helped keep my nausea at bay while I worked out. 

Most of my clothes are already tight, so instead of fighting tight clothes and feeling gross, I ordered some bigger things to make myself more comfortable. Since I work from home, I don’t really need anything fancy (thank goodness…the thought of wearing real clothes right now is NOT run), so I ordered some comfy shorts and some other things from another website (haven’t gotten them in yet). I got a large in both of these. I think normally, I would’ve worn a medium. I don’t like things tight/short, so I tend to stick to baggier, comfier things, even when not pregnant. Both of these shorts are SO comfortable. I’d give them a 10/10 for anyone looking for comfy, daily shorts. The gray are a little thinner of a material, I’ve been wearing them to sleep in, but I wore them to get groceries the other day, so I think they’re fine to wear out of the house. The black are definitely good to wear anywhere. Comfort above all else!

This was just something fun I found. I got Jake this hat for his birthday. It says, “Dad Vibes”. Jake says it is super comfortable and will be a great hat when it gets colder since it’s a thicker material. He wore it golfing the other day and got a little warm.

Please let me know if I missed anything or if you have questions about anything else I’ve been using. I tried to cover most things I thought people might be interested in!

Happy Wednesday, friends!

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