Weekend Wrap-up: cleaning out my Mom’s closet + so proud of Dwayne & Jake + another early morning!

This weekend flew by! Jake left for Colorado Thursday afternoon, he paced one of our good friends in the same hundred mile race he completed in 2017. I was sad I couldn’t go with him, but with how nauseated I’ve been feeling, I didn’t think it was the best idea. I ordered dinner in Friday night and lounged on the couch. My OB called in some meds for me to help with the nausea! I think they’re definitely helping. PRAISE. They make me absolutely exhausted, though, so I’m trying to only take them when I feel really awful.

When it’s Lu’s dinner time, she gets as close to you as possible and just stares. I swear dogs can tell time.

When my nausea prescription was ready, I immediately picked it up. I also grabbed a chocolate malt from Braum’s. I asked for whipped cream and they handed me this. HA! They don’t skimp on the whipped cream…

I just started another Kristin Hannah book, The Nightingale. I am loving it so far!

Breakfast Saturday morning: cold brew, a banana, and a breakfast sandwich.

After breakfast, I went to my parents’ house to help my Mom go through her closet. We are going to have a garage sale in September, so we’re trying to go through everything.

My Dad left to run some errands, which made Lu very sad. She crawled under his suit jackets and pouted. Lu is obsessed with my Dad.

Eleanor was also at my parents’, so we got to play all day. I loved it! She hated this filter…it just about made her cry. I felt bad, but couldn’t stop laughing. She’s such a sweet little girl. Any time one of us would walk in a room, she would say, “Hi, Papa!”, “Hi, Tutu!”, or “Hi, Chegsea!” It cracked us up. It was literally EVERY time.

Dinner was my favorite – Papa John’s. I loooooove their cheese bread.

I got some cute glass containers to store cotton rounds and cotton balls.

So much better than just having them sit out in their plastic containers.

Dwayne, the one in blue, is our friend who did the Leadman series this year. It’s the same series Jake completed in 2017.  It is BRUTAL. It’s 5 races over the course of the summer. A trail marathon, a 50 mile bike or run (they can choose), a 100 mile bike, a 10k, and a 100 mile run. Dwayne crushed every single race! Jake was honored to pace him for the last leg of the hundred mile run. Here they are smiling and having the best time.

Here’s a throwback to when Jake was racing the hundred in 2017. I love crewing for him and learn something new at every single race. I don’t think a hundred is on my bucket list, in fact, I know it’s not, but I very much enjoy going to the races and watching the amazing athletes compete. I cry every time someone crosses the finish line.

Sunday morning started with a walk with our pups. The bump was large and in charge!

I have been really struggling to get veggies in, so I’m going to start having more smoothies. This way, I can add spinach and powdered greens to the mix.

Dinner Sunday night was a baked potato. I love honey mustard on my baked potatoes. Anyone else? It’s SO good.

After dinner, I lounged on the couch until bed. The meds are definitely helping my nausea, but they make me SO exhausted.

My Mom sent some old clothes home with me that are too big for her. I think Lu thought they were all for her…

I went to the gym early again this morning. I modify anything that requires me to be flat on my back or on my stomach, so instead of doing adductors laying down, I did a wall sit while doing them. Feel the burn!

My fall semester starts today! I feel a nap coming on, then it’s time to grind.

Happy Monday, friends!


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