My first OB appointment + an easy meal for you to try + backyard happenings!

Post-gym breakfast – bagel, eggs, and turkey sausage. Mmm.

I shared yesterday about my anxiety going into our first OB appointment. Thank you for reaching out and being so kind! I appreciate it. I got ready for our appointment, then spent some time working on the computer, trying to keep my mind occupied.

It was wonderful to see my OB for the first time in over a year. I had not seen her since she told me we needed to pursue IVF last July. She was over the moon excited for us. We got to check on baby boy, who is measuring right where he should for 14 weeks, 4 days. His heart rate was 150 and our doctor said everything is looking perfect. Little one, you are already so loved.

Dinner last night was an easy, delicious meal – one pan nachos! I cooked some ground turkey in garlic and taco seasoning, then put a layers of chips on a baking sheet, topped with cheese, the ground turkey, black beans, and a little more cheese. I cooked this at 350 for 15 minutes. That’s it! So easy and so tasty.

I put the nachos on top of spinach and added jalapeños, sweet pepper slices, cherry tomatoes, and salsa. We both loved this meal.  This was Jake’s plate. It was prettier than mine.

A little after dinner peppermint tea to settle my nauseated stomach. My nausea is improving! So for that, I am thankful.

The guys dropped off some equipment last night to start working on our backyard. I am so excited to see this space finished. We won’t plant anything for awhile, but it is going to be so nice to have our backyard put together after a few months of it being a construction zone. I’ll share updates as I have them!

Prayer warriors – I have had something on my heart for the past few weeks and have a big decision to make, so would very much appreciate prayers for clarity and wisdom. Thank you in advance! <3

Happy Wednesday, friends!

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