Yum + first baby gift + backyard update!

Lunch yesterday was a smoothie and pancakes…it’s all about balance, right?

Cassie saved the day and dropped off these mats for us to try. Rhea is not allowed on our couch, but if we are gone or sleeping, she gets on it. Since I can’t catch her in the act, I don’t want to get onto her. I am hoping these mats help! Rhea is sneaky…

Keeping my fingers and toes crossed that these help!

I knocked out a bunch of work yesterday. I didn’t start feeling nauseated until about 5:30pm, so I was able to get a lot accomplished. I lounged on the couch while I waited for my nausea pills to kick in.

Dinner was leftover nachos and salsa. The nachos are definitely best the day of, but they weren’t terrible as leftovers.

We received our first baby gift yesterday! This is the most beautiful blanket. Thank you, Regina!!!! You are so sweet. Baby Bradley will love this so much. <3

This salted caramel and dark chocolate granola is AMAZING. I found it at Price Cutter.

I love sipping on Kefir yogurt from a wine glass. I’ve been trying to drink Kefir every day since it’s a probiotic. And it’s delicious. The raspberry and peach are my favorite flavors.

Here are some backyard updates! This top picture is of the deck when we bought the house. All of those boards were rotten. We ripped up this deck first thing.

Here’s a picture from last night. The guys are still working on everything, but it is really starting to come together!

It’s hard to get good pictures of the progress, but I’ll try to take some more when they finish up with today’s stuff.

If you’re like me, you like to have wrapping stuff ready so you don’t spend a ton each time you need to wrap a present. I try to always keep wrapping paper, tissue paper, and gift bags on hand. Partyville sent me a huge package of bags to review and I am SO impressed with them, so wanted to share them here.

You get a 30 pack of assorted colors (shown above) for under $14! I was skeptical about these, thinking they’d be a super thin material, but they’re just like a normal gift bag and bigger than I originally thought. I am set with gift bags for awhile now! You get 5 of each color in this package. If you’re looking for inexpensive, good quality gift bags, check these out!

Happy Friday Eve, friends!

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