Cottage cheese is life + it’s coming together + taco night

Pre-gym breakfast – bagel, egg, and turkey sausage. I had planned to make these into sandwiches, but I’ve been craving jelly, so I’ve eaten them separately all week. I love breakfast.

I am on a cottage cheese kick right now. I think I have had at least one bowl every day this week. It’s so good. I like mine with black pepper or applesauce mixed in.

I spent most of yesterday on my computer. I had a few meetings and then tried to knock out a little writing. I had a smoothie and an orange for an afternoon snack. I am not a big fruit smoothie person, I like more savory smoothies – chocolate, vanilla, peanut butter.

Our backyard is still coming along! Jake did most of the designing on this, I mostly just said yes or no to his ideas. He’s SO good at this kind of stuff. He really has an eye for what something can turn into. I lack that creativity.

We had tacos for dinner last night and these hit the spot. I browned ground beef with green chiles, garlic, and a little taco seasoning. YUM. Also, if you aren’t mixing plain Greek yogurt into your salsa, you aren’t living. It’s delicious.

Happy Friday, friends!

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