Weekend Wrap-up: nursery purchase + thankful for kind people + my new goal!

This weekend FLEW by. Friday morning started with a delicious breakfast after the gym and continued with some meetings and a little bit of computer work.

Crazy hair and cottage cheese. Cottage cheese with black pepper is my favorite thing right now. SO good.

We made our first purchase for baby boy’s nursery! Here’s his dresser. We will turn the top into a changing table. Jake and I are still sleeping in the room that will be the nursery, so we won’t start working on it yet, but I’m excited to see it all come together. We got this dresser off of Facebook Marketplace. I’ve been searching there daily for good deals on things.

The guys finished up in our yard Friday afternoon! We still need to put rock in the flower beds and plant some stuff, but we won’t plant until spring. Now we need to work on growing back the grass in our yard. We have had so much yard work done this summer…our poor backyard is a mess, but it’s sure going to look good soon!

I love how these rocks turned out. Jake designed all of this and he did an incredible job.

We had a pizza date at home Friday night. Arris sounded so good, so that’s what we picked up. YUM.

I slept 13 hours Friday night, HA! I didn’t get out of bed until almost 10:30am on Saturday. I was starving when I woke up, so I chowed down on breakfast first thing.

I also did an at-home tan Saturday morning. This is my favorite tanning line. I have tried SO many. Coco & Eve smells amazing and doesn’t clog my pores like so many others. This isn’t an affiliate link or anything, I just love their products. I use the Honey Bali Bronzing – it’s amazing.

Bump Boxes reached out to me when we announced our pregnancy and sent me a bump box! I was so excited to get this in the mail. Bump Boxes is a subscription pregnancy box. You can go to their site (HERE) and choose how often you receive goodies from them. I don’t have an affiliate link with them, either.

Here’s what was in my first box – a letterboard, bump oil, nausea drops, facial mist, an adorable onesie, and a sleep mask. Such a fun idea! You can even order these for someone else and have them sent as a gift. Each box you receive will contain different items. I will be getting more, but I’m not sure how often they’re sending them to me since I didn’t set this up. I’ll share the contents each time!

Lu rolled her ball under our TV for about the sixth time and I was tired of getting it, so she sat like this and pouted.

Leftover pizza and a protein shake for lunch.

I have had a hard time motivating myself to walk lately. I am a goal-oriented person, so I decided to set a goal for myself to help with motivation. Starting today (Monday), the bump and I are going to walk a 5k five to six times a week. It will be good for us and it will be so good for our pups. Now that I am not feeling so awful all the time, I know it will feel wonderful to move more. I walked a few miles on the treadmill Saturday afternoon to get myself ready.

I am so glad that baggy things are in right now. I got these leopard print overalls and they feel like jammies.

Baby boy and his mom are growing like crazy.

Jake and I headed out for a little date night Saturday night. We hadn’t been out to dinner since Jake’s birthday two weeks ago, and neither of us could remember the last time before that. Since I’ve been feeling my worst in the evenings, I haven’t really wanted to leave the house very much. SO thankful I’m starting to feel better.

We, of course, went to Galloway. We hadn’t been in WAY too long. We shared their wings as an appetizer. SO. Good.

I had the shrimp po’ boy, but just ate the shrimp and chips…healthy, ha!

Sunday morning started with this deliciousness, then I picked up my parents from the airport. They had been visiting my grandparents in Florida.

I did a little bit of computer work that I didn’t finish Friday, then the girls and I crawled into bed. There’s just something about a Sunday nap that feels amazing.

A few years ago, I was selling some dishes on Facebook Marketplace. A woman named Jessica bought all of them, but when she came to pick them up, we ended up talking for a long time and became social media friends after. We have just stayed in touch through Facebook ever since. I love that about social media and my blog – I have met so many amazing humans through both channels. Anyway, Jessica did the kindest thing ever for us yesterday – she brought us dinner! How incredible is that? It made my whole weekend. Not only did she bring dinner, but she brought dessert and some goodies from her garden. Jessica, thank you!!! And thank you, Facebook Marketplace. : )

The enchiladas Jessica made us were outstanding. We have leftovers and I already cannot wait to eat them. With all the bad that is going on in the world, there is still good that is happening! <3

I also knocked out a little meal prep yesterday. Our breakfast this week will be overnight oats. I mixed together oats, almond milk, protein powder, powdered greens, collagen, chia seeds, and frozen strawberry slices.

YUM. You just mix everything together and then store in the fridge. So easy to grab and go in the mornings.

I also made a big batch of chicken salad for lunches this week. Looking at this picture, I realize I forgot to add the celery, HA! I will add that in today.

I got up early to hit the gym before my day gets crazy. Coffee was a must.

Post-gym overnight oats – these were SO good and hit the spot.

Happy Monday, friends!

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