Day 2 down + numb + dinner date!

Day 2 of my 5k walk goal was knocked out in the sunshine Tuesday morning after the gym. It was leg day and walking after was the best thing for my already sore muscles.

Y’all, cottage cheese with pepper and Everything Pretzel Crisps are the best combo. Holy yum.

TMI time, but remember when we were doing those PIO shots? PIO = Progesterone in Oil. We did these for both my mock transfer and our actual transfer. They go in the muscle on your backside. With IVF, you start these shots about a week before your transfer (the timeline can differ based on any tests you did preciously that show how much PIO your body needs – science is crazy cool), and they continue every single day for 10 weeks with a singleton pregnancy and 12 weeks with twins (at least for our clinic). Well, I had heard the shots can cause some nerve damage and I’m here to tell you, it’s true. This graphic depicts where the shots go every day – you alternate between the two sides. These spots are still numb on my body. Thankfully, the nerve damage usually goes away within a year or so, so there is hope!

Lunch was the last of our enchiladas from Jessica – SO good. Pro-tip: mix together plain Greek yogurt and salsa. It’s the best.

After a hard day at the gym and my three mile walk, my body was TOAST. I took a break from work and snoozed for a little bit yesterday afternoon. The girls did not hate it.

I have officially outgrown my t-shirts. The bump cannot be hidden anymore. Jake, thank you in advance for letting me steal your shirts (which I have already done for years). There’s just something about your hubby’s shirts. They’re so comfy!

We had a dinner date with our friends, Kallie and Coty, last night. We went to Brew Co and dinner was delicious. I had a salad and fish and chips.

We always love getting to spend time with these two!

I have a crazy busy day today. Between meetings and a three hour conference, I’ll be stuck to my computer most of the day. Buuut, I get to do it all from my office at home, so no complaints from me!

Happy Wednesday, friends!

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