I HAD to + family dinner fun + this week has me thrown!

They sure don’t look appetizing, but these overnight oats are delicious. My friend, Kendall, sent me a fun recipe for mini quiches, so I think I’m going to make those this weekend for next week’s breakfast. I don’t know if you guys know this, but I love food…

My Wednesday was absolutely BONKERS. I had a meeting from 7:30-8:30, a conference from 8:30-11:30, and another meeting from 12:00-1:30. The day flew by, but I didn’t accomplish much since I was glued to my computer for meetings. Lunch looked like this – so thankful I can turn my camera off and chow down when I need to eat.

After my noon meeting, I ran to Target for grocery pick-up really fast before a meeting with IT. I stocked up on cottage cheese. Lori, a friend at my gym, told me to try the Good cottage cheese, so I grabbed the only one they had left. I can’t wait to try it.

I also HAD to get this. HAD. TO. I am so stinkin’ ready for all things fall. I want cool weather and pumpkin everything.

After my meeting with IT, I needed a break, so I logged out for an hour and took the pups on a walk. It felt SO good to move. We got our daily 5k in – 3/5 done for the week!

It was hot, so we took a little water break in one of the ponds. Lu submerged her entire body.

My sister texted me and said she was picking up Haruno for dinner at my parents’, so I invited myself to eat with them. I had been craving the mozzarella asparagus tempura appetizer. This was delicious.

Then we spent some time outside watching Eleanor ride her bike. Jake and I got her this Strider and she LOVES it. It’s so fun to watch her ride around. She has gotten so good at balancing.

We crawled into bed about 8pm and I passed out immediately. Lu moved her blanket up from the foot of the bed into Jake’s spot. She always does this and it cracks me up. I cannot wait until we get our king bed…we are still sleeping in a queen. And when both dogs want to cuddle, it’s a little crowded.

Kayla joined me for part of my 5k walk this morning, which was so fun and made the miles fly by. I miss my early morning runs and gal pal time.

After my walk, I headed to the gym. I don’t have a weight restriction anymore, so I’m trying to slowly build my strength back. It’s definitely a process, but I am so thankful for any and all movement.

Happy Friday Eve, friends!

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