My poor Mama + a favorite meal + take that, Friday!

Lunch yesterday was a chicken salad sandwich and Cheetos. YUM.

My poor Mom fractured her ankle playing tennis Thursday morning. Isn’t it crazy how swollen it was? It happened SO quickly. She is currently rocking a boot and taking it easy. Prayers for quick healing!

Another day, another snack of cottage cheese with pepper and an orange.

Yesterday was a DAY, I feel like I could say that about every day this week, HA! But when I finished up my work for the day, I headed outside to finish off my daily 5k…I had .7 left from the morning, so I just walked in my sweats and Oofos to knock it out.

We had one of our favorite meals last night. Baked sweet potatoes topped with BBQ chicken, cheese, plain Greek yogurt, and some peppers for good measure. I LOVE this meal. It’s so easy and super delicious.

My Friday has already been a little crazy. I have an all-day conference from 9-3:30, so I hit up the gym early this morning, then chowed down on breakfast before knocking out my daily 5k.

5/5 5ks for the week! I plan to walk this weekend, too, so I may get to go over my goal for this first week. It feels good to meet a goal. I am so thankful I FINALLY set this one for myself.

Knocking out a few miles will definitely help my sanity as I sit through a conference today…


I managed to finish up my walk, shower, get ready, and get a little coffee with 5 minutes to spare before my conference! Here we go…

Happy Friday, friends!

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