Weekend Wrap-up: all the cleaning + meal prep + here we go!

What. A. Weekend! Jake spent the weekend running a crazy amount of trail miles and I spent it doing adult things at home – like cleaning our floors, ha! Rewinding to Friday: lunch was a chicken salad sandwich and Cheetos. Lu wanted me to share with her.

Friday was super exciting because I got to see Baby Boy Bradley – he is perfect and growing just like he should. Baby Boy, we love you so much! I was 16 weeks on Friday…I can’t believe we are almost halfway!

Dinner on Friday was another sweet potato with BBQ chicken, cheese, and plain Greek yogurt.

I had an all-day conference Friday, so to celebrate surviving it, I made a milkshake for dessert. It was delicious.

Saturday morning started with our 6th 5k for the week.

Lunch after our walk was another chicken salad sandwich and Cheetos.

At some point I had this deliciousness for a snack. Carrot sticks are better than baby carrots. I don’t know why I like them better, but I definitely do.

After eating, I got to work organizing our pantry and snack drawer.

This is a very full, but better organized snack drawer.

I ordered a spice organizer for our pantry – it helps so much!

I ordered this spice organizer. It comes in two pieces and can be made to fit a huge variety of drawers. Very impressed with it!

Dinner Saturday night was a bbq chicken wrap with more cottage cheese and carrot sticks.

Rhea loves the Office as much as I do.

We crawled into bed and got some good cuddles before passing out.

My project on Sunday was to scrub our disgusting bathroom floor. When we first moved in, we thought we were going to remodel our bathrooms right away. Well, that didn’t happen (IVF took most of our remodeling money – worth it!). We had deep cleaned everything but the floors. And let me tell you, they were disgusting. I was embarrassed it took me this long to scrub these. It’s hard to tell in these pictures, but the floors look brand new now. Here’s the before. SO filthy.

You can very clearly see a difference in what I had scrubbed and what still needed to be scrubbed. Gross.

And after! WAY better. I just used Simple Green (we love the lemon scent) and water. I was so worn out after cleaning this floor.

When I finished the bathroom, I got started on something that I actually enjoy – meal prep! Breakfast this week is mini quiches.

They’re delicious!

Lunches are buffalo chicken bowls. I love this buffalo sauce by Primal Kitchen.

Here are Jake’s – these have cauli rice, brown rice, quinoa, buffalo chicken, sweet corn, feta, red onion, and cherry tomatoes. I didn’t mix mine because I never know what’s going to sound good, but I have extra of everything to choose from all week.

This chicken is delicious.

I had enough extra quiche stuff to make a quiche for my parents. My poor Mom is still laid up with a fractured ankle, so breakfast is one less thing she has to worry about.

I’m here to tell you, these are delicious.

Monday morning started with our first 5k of the week. I am LOVING this cooler morning weather.

Lunch post-walk was a salad with poppy seed dressing, buffalo chicken, avocado, and feta. AMAZING.

Then it was time to tackle my next project – mopping our kitchen and laundry room. It feels so good to have clean floors!

Snack time – more cottage cheese and a side of hummus and pretzels.

I had been craving chocolate chip cookies, so I made a batch when I finished mopping the floor.

Jake got home from his training weekend (92 miles in 3 days…he’s crazy awesome), we grabbed dinner, and then picked up the crib I bought for $25. Yep, $25! Happy dance. I love a good deal. We don’t have anything set-up in the nursery yet since we are currently sleeping in there, but I can’t wait to share progress once we get started…hopefully in the next few months. We already have his crib, dresser, and rug.

I went to the gym early this morning. One of my gal pals said she needed cookies, so I brought her a little baggie. Nothing like walking into the gym at 6AM with a bag of cookies. HA!

After the gym, the girls and I headed out for our second 5k of the week, then I hopped into my first meeting of the day.

My next three weeks are absolutely BONKERS. I don’t remember the beginning of the semester last year being this crazy. Hopefully things slow down a little in October…here we go!

Happy Tuesday, friends!

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