This girl + I have no pants + thankful for good friends!

I had another massive salad for lunch yesterday. I LOVE this combo – spinach, poppyseed dressing, buffalo chicken, feta, and avocado. SO, so good!

I had a few people ask yesterday what I have used to get my eyelashes to grow back after having extensions for a few years. It has been a process, but they’re finally really long! The Dime Beauty eyelash serum has helped me lashes grow back and be healthy. I also have a favorite primer and mascara. This is my round-up – L’Oreal primer, Damn Girl mascara, and Dime Beauty eyelash serum. When I wear makeup, this primer and mascara are my go-tos for sure. I use the Dime serum every night, too. You can find the serum at Dime Beauty.

Here’s the primer.

┬áHere’s the mascara!
I love forcing my first baby to cuddle. I think she secretly loves it.

I officially have ZERO pants that fit. Even my baggy stuff is tight. I asked on Instagram yesterday where I should look to get some maternity-friendly pants. I haven’t had time to shop yet, but here’s the top list: Gap, Old Navy, Target, Pea Pod, and Motherhood. I’ll share what I find and what works for me!

We met some of our favies, Chris and Brittany, for dinner at Cesar’s last night. I had a sope (picture) and a papusa (not pictured).

So thankful for good friends! We sure love these two. I apologize for this awkward picture where my face is WAY too bright. Thank you for always being down to take selfies with me.

Early gym, breakfast, and our 5k all knocked out before the work day starts.

My crazy week continues. I have another all-day conference from 9-3:30 today and tomorrow, plus some other meetings during that same time…we’ll see how I manage all of that…I am super tired this week, so sitting at my computer for 6.5 hours doesn’t sound great. I have a feeling I’ll be turning my camera off a lot today so I can walk around in my office to stay awake.

Happy Wednesday, friends!

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