Bye bye clothes + 17 weeks today! + garage sale fun

I was crazy productive yesterday, which felt good. Some days you crush it, and some days you don’t – that’s just life! During our hour long lunch break yesterday, I vacuumed, put laundry away, made a quiche, and ate a super quick wrap. If I’m going to be stuck at my computer all day, I can at least use the breaks to my advantage!

When my conference was over, I spent a little bit of time going through my closet. I am tired of grabbing things that are too small, so I put away everything that won’t fit me for awhile. I have always liked baggier clothing, so I am thankful I have some clothes that will fit me throughout this pregnancy. See ya next year, clothes!

Baby Boy is 17 weeks today! Only three more weeks until we’re halfway….that seems crazy to me.

My parents’ neighborhood is having a huge garage sale this weekend, so when Jake got home from work, we took some stuff over there and helped them move some things out of their storage unit. My Dad grabbed boiled shrimp dinners for all of us – YUM. Everything was so delicious. Thanks, Pops!

If you’re a garage sale person (I LOVE garage sales), the neighborhood is Millwood Park Subdivision – it is by Millwood Country Club. I won’t be there today until later, but will be there all day Saturday – I’d love to see you if you’re out and about!

I have a crazy day again today – no conference, thank goodness, but I have meetings from 10-3, with one of them being a pretty big deal where I have to present something to our faculty. GULP. As a newbie, that is still really intimidating. I am going to knock out my 5k for the day in one mile increments so I can work a little in-between our laps. Maybe that’ll help my brain process things better!

Happy Friday, friends!

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