Loving our walks + working lunch + crockpot chili is my favorite!

I am really enjoying our 5k walks each day. Yesterday, I got caught up with some computer stuff, so only had time to knock out 2.2 miles in the morning, but the girls and I finished up the rest of the 3.1 when I finished with a meeting later in the day.

I had a working lunch yesterday. My students had some big assignments to turn in over the weekend, so I spent yesterday grading and giving feedback. I try my very best to get grades back to students by Monday, sometimes Tuesday at the very latest. I want them to have feedback before they start their next unit. A few of my classes have assignments that build on each other each week, so I want my students to have feedback before they continue working on something. Lunch was another baked potato bowl.

I had a meeting at 1, finished grading, then headed out to knock out the rest of our 5k for the day. It was definitely toasty out!

After the walk, I used TSP to deep clean the woodwork in our dining room so Jake could paint it. We have to use oil-based primer on the woodwork in here because the wood is stained. If we don’t use oil-based, the stain seeps through the white paint and you can see it – we learned this the hard way in my office. So, oil-based primer to the rescue! TSP is the best for deep cleaning before anything is painted. We have used this in every room of our house.

Dinner was delicious! Crockpot chili topped with corn chips, plain Greek yogurt, avocado, and a little Sriracha and black pepper. If you’ve been here for awhile, you know I don’t follow recipes or measure things, but I’ve gotten some questions about this chili, so I’ll share what I did: two sweet potatoes cut into bite-sized pieces, maybe half a chopped red onion, two cans of black beans, one can of chickpeas, one can of fire roasted tomatoes, about a cup of veggie broth, garlic, chili powder, salt, pepper, and paprika. I cooked everything on low, stirring occasionally, for about 8 hours. I like sweet and spicy chili, so I add brown sugar to my serving before I eat it. Jake doesn’t love the sweet, so I leave it out of the recipe as whole. It’s definitely better with brown sugar in it!

Husband brag moment: Jake came home from working outside all day, mowed our yard, ate dinner with me, then painted the woodwork in our dining room. He works so hard for us and I appreciate him so, so much. Thank you, Jake, for all you do for us!!

The fumes from the paint really bothered me last night, so I slept at my parents’. My throat and eyes were burning, so I figured it probably wasn’t smart for me to sleep in the house after we use oil-based paint. Thankfully, we don’t have to use it very often. I hated leaving Jake and the girls, but Jake stayed and got all of the fumes out. Most of our windows were open and he had lots of fans going. When I got back home this morning, you couldn’t even tell we had painted. Jake wants to do two more coats, so he’s going to try and knock that out at times when I’m not here. I can help with the rest of the painting, so I am excited for that. Anything to protect Baby Boy Bradley from fumes!

I don’t want to jinx myself…buuuut, I currently have ZERO meetings scheduled today. ZERO. I can’t believe it.

Happy Tuesday, friends!

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