So, so thankful + family walks + 11 hours??

Yesterday was a computer day. I had a meeting and then spent the rest of my work day revising a manuscript. I don’t think I got up and moved around enough because I was SO stiff whenever I did. Sitting too much after leg day at the gym is not a good idea…

Yesterday was such a wonderful day; we got to see our favorite little guy! Baby Boy is measuring right where he should (18+4 yesterday) and everything is looking so great. Jake got to go to this ultrasound because he worked all night, so he was off yesterday morning as well as our moms and sisters! It was such a fun morning. Baby has suuuper long legs and big feet, both of which he kept moving the entire time we were at the appointment. Here’s one of his long legs.

He has the most beautiful profile.

Here’s a picture of his feet – they are so long! The wonderful tech at our appointment yesterday said Baby’s legs are measuring a week ahead, so they are definitely long. We’ll see if it stays that way.

After our ultrasound, I had a meeting, then chowed down on leftovers for lunch. BBQ chicken on Hawaiian rolls, green beans, and salad. YUM. I was sad the cookie cake was gone.

When I was finished with work for the day, we headed out for our 5k. We got about half finished before Jake got home from work, so he joined us for the second half. I love family walks. I also LOVE the cooler weather we are having this week. I am ready for fall to stick around! Oh! Today is the first official day of fall! YAY!

Dinner was leftover Mongolian Beef – yum! It might even be better as leftovers. So, so good.

I got these slides from Amazon a few weeks ago and have been wearing them every single day. They’re more comfy than my Birkenstocks and are under $20!! If you’re looking for comfortable, affordable sandals, look no further! These run true to size, too. I am usually a 7 in most shoes and that is what I have in both of these.

I have loved them so much that my sister also got me the light purple (lt purple on the site) for my birthday – HA! They have so many colors to choose from.

I slept about 11 hours last night…HA! I guess I needed it!

I THINK I am going to pull-back a little on blogging and just blog three days a week – Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I am going to try it and see how it goes. I love blogging and it’s my favorite way to start my day, but with trying to work ahead for the spring and get some academic writing accomplished, I think I need to limit my blogging days. We’ll see how it goes! I love all of the friends I have made through this platform, so I don’t want to stop completely – I would miss blogging and all of you SO much! I think next week I will try out the Monday, Wednesday, Friday thing and see how it goes….

Happy Wednesday, friends!


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  1. Lindsay

    Nooo … I will miss your daily posts. But I understand that you’re exhausted with the pregnancy and the coming changes in life. Hopefully you’ll come back to daily posts again sometime!

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