Adjusting + haunted by APA? + it’s primed!

I loved the mini quiches my friend, Kendall, told me about SO much that I had to make them again this week. They’re so delicious and easy to make. HERE’s a recipe that is kind of what I do…I use liquid egg and liquid egg whites because it saves time. And I don’t cook my veggies before adding them to the mixture.

We split up our 5k again yesterday. It was chilly during our first mile and a little toasty during our last two. It is officially the beginning of fall where you never know what the weather will be like.

It was leg day at the gym yesterday. I am really noticing that I can’t go as low as I used to with some movements – especially squats. I also really have to pay attention to my form. BUT, I am thankful for any and all movement and hope I can continue lifting for the next 20-ish weeks! I am 19 weeks today – almost halfway!

Lunch was leftovers – BBQ chicken with habanero cheese and cauli rice on the side.

Lu lounged in a sunny spot in our master, reminding me that we need to finish these windows and hang the blinds (they’re in the boxes against the wall) AND that we are getting a new king bed! Maybe today! That’s the bed frame next to the box of blinds.

I love this snack. Cottage cheese with black pepper and Sriracha and chips. YUM. I had a few meetings and a bunch of work yesterday, so I spent most of the day at my computer

Anyone else have a love/hate relationship with this APA Manual?? I sure do. I use it all the time when I’m writing, but it also drives me crazy. They came out with a new edition in 2019 and I’m still trying to learn all the formatting rules. This book is just the format that all of my scholarly writing has to follow – I have used APA since I was in my undergrad. I submitted a manuscript a few weeks ago to a journal to be reviewed. I got it back last week with a ton of revisions needed AND they wanted it much longer. I originally submitted something that was about fives pages, since that’s their length requirement, but now they’ve given me the green light to add to my writing. Both a good thing and a bad thing. I finally got it resubmitted last night after about 16 hours of work this week. I spent every free moment I had this week working on that piece. It is now a 13 page document, ha! My brain hurt when I finally submitted it again last night. Now to pray that they accept it for publication!

Jake and his dad primed our dining room last night! I was so excited. Thank you, John, for your help!!!! We are one step closer to finishing that room. This is the primer we have used for our whole house over the past year of remodeling. It is great at covering everything. Some rooms we used two coats of primer and some we only used one. If you’re looking to paint and need a primer, check this out! Bulls-Eye 2 Multi-Purpose Primer and Sealer.

Here she is with one coat of primer! Jake did all kinds of drywall work in here. The walls look amazing now. Everything in our house (that we have remodeled) is now smooth – both ceilings and walls. I was unsure about the smooth ceilings at first, but I love it and am so thankful that’s what we did.

Dinner was a thinly cut ribeye that I seared on the stove, my favorite brussels (balsamic and honey – game changer), and sweet potato fries. We ate kind of late since Jake was painting, so I crawled into bed and passed out about 20 minutes after eating. Not great for my heartburn, but I couldn’t make myself stay up any longer.

I have a big presentation today to the entire faculty at my university – I am very prepared, but also a little nervous. I’m still a newbie, so it’s intimidating presenting to 250+ people. Once that is over, I think I will be able to breathe a little bit. This month really has been crazy! I have a few meetings today and also need to get started on another manuscript to submit to a journal. The writing is never ending right now, ha! I am in the mood to write, so that’s at least a plus!

Happy Friday, friends!

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