Weekend Wrap-up: Complete with the best in-laws + a king bed!!! + I think I felt baby boy move…

This weekend flew by! My Friday was pretty busy, so I took most of the weekend off from work, which was super nice. I think I only opened my computer one time. Lunch on Friday was chicken salad and it was delicious. We love chicken salad around here.

We also celebrated 19 weeks with Baby Boy on Friday! I can’t believe we are almost half-way. I think I felt him move for the first time Saturday night! It was SO cool. I have an anterior placenta, so it can take longer to feel movements. I think he rolled about 3 times before I fell asleep. I can’t wait until Jake can feel him move.

I love these weekly comparisons in my What to Expect app. Last week’s made me laugh. I loved these view-masters.

Friday night, we met Jake’s sister for dinner, then the three of us moved our new king bed! I am SO SO excited about this. Jake and I have been wanting a king bed for awhile, but just haven’t gotten around to ordering one since our master isn’t ready yet. I am glad we waited because Jake’s parents had an almost brand new king that they didn’t like (we love it!), so they gave it to us! Best in-laws ever. Thank you, Jeff and Penny! I wish I could’ve recorded the three of us moving it…it was pretty interesting. My stomach hurt from laughing so much.

YAY! The girls were very intrigued. Our master is not ready yet and we don’t have the bed frame put together, but I cannot wait to get everything organized in here. Hopefully within the next month or so!

Saturday morning started with meeting some Trail Sisters at Wilson’s Creek! These three (plus Rachel) explored the trails in the area while I walked the paved loop.

The girls and I walked our 5k, then headed back home. I was SO worn out and just couldn’t wake up, even after walking.

We both had big plans for Saturday, but ended up accomplishing nothing, HA! After my walk, we helped Jake’s sister move, then grabbed lunch with his parents. By the time we got home, we were both SO sleepy, so we decided to take a short nap…two hours later, we woke up. Whoops! I guess we needed the sleep. I knocked out a little bit of laundry while Jake mowed, then we had a date night. We went to Galloway for wings and salad. I was craving a beer, so I sipped on a Bud Zero. It was pretty delicious!

Our typical uniforms – plaid and hats. Thanks for being my best friend, whether you wanted to or not. ; )

I didn’t set an alarm Sunday morning, which has kind of become my norm and I love it. Jake got up to run before playing golf, so the girls and I cuddled and snoozed until almost 8am. It was wonderful. Rhea loves to sleep with her head on top of us.

As soon as I got up, I started working around the house. I knocked out about 9 loads of laundry, dusted, got groceries, and meal prepped. Lunch at some point was another chicken salad sandwich. I don’t have much of an appetite right now, so I’m trying to focus on eating a lot of small meals, just to make sure I’m getting enough nutritious food in. I could skip meals right now and I’ve never been that way.

Lunches this week are chicken gyros, so I made some Tzatziki sauce to go with them.

Jake is finishing the chicken salad before having the gyros. I’ve been craving brussels lately, so we will have them as a side this week. YUM.

I made THIS baked potato soup last night and holy wow – it is incredible. I mostly followed the recipe (I know…aren’t you proud???) I did not have half and half, so I used almond milk, and I used plain Greek yogurt instead of sour cream, but it turned out amazing. I ended up adding a little corn starch at the end to really thicken it up and I used my immersion blender to make it less chunky. 10/10 recommend this!

I don’t know what I have done to my back, but it does not feel good. I don’t know if I slept wonky or if it’s pregnancy-related, but I need to get in to see someone about it. ASAP. I went to the gym this morning hoping that moving around would help, but it didn’t do much.

These two wanted breakfast as soon as I got home from the gym. I laughed at Rhea’s paw under the rug.

We are off to get part of our walk in, then I will spend most of the day grading! Just a reminder, no blog from me tomorrow, so I will see you again Wedneday!

Happy Monday, friends!

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