BumpBoxes are so fun (plus a discount code) + feeling extra grateful for kind people + girls’ night!

It was strange not to blog yesterday! I missed sharing with everyone. BUT, I have lots of fun things to share with you today. First, this lunch is delicious – chicken gyro wraps and brussels. YUM.

Cottage cheese and chips = the best combo.

BumpBoxes sent me a second box full of pampering and self-care goodies! They have also given me a discount code to share with readers – so exciting! My second box had a belly mask, a micro fiber hair wrap, a cleansing facial cloth, hair ties, and the cutest onesie. I love that you can schedule these boxes around your due date AND can choose how often you receive them. If you shop HERE, you can get 50% off your first box, free shipping, AND a free gift (I don’t get anything from this code, just a little something from BumpBoxes for my followers). Enjoy, Mamas! You deserve some pampering. <3

Dinner Monday night was the rest of the baked potato soup, which Jake and I both LOVED. It was so filling and the best comfort food. If you’re a soup person, check this out. For how good it is, the prep and cook time was only 45 minutes. I was expecting much longer!

Tuesday morning, the bump and I headed to the gym. Some mornings baby boy is popping (like below) and some mornings he isn’t. I am consistently feeling him every night when I lay down to go to bed, which is SO fun. I think I smile until I fall asleep. I cannot wait until I can feel him all day and Jake can finally feel him. Oh, sweet boy, we sure love you!

After the gym, we got our 5k in before hopping on the computer for a meeting (only one!) and then spent the rest of the day knocking out work.

I switched things up for lunch on Tuesday and had a chicken, bacon, and ranch wrap, which was AMAZING.

I know we have the best people in our lives, but I don’t know what we did to deserve their kindness. I was gifted all of these gorgeous maternity clothes by Kristin, who is the absolute sweetest. Thank you, Kristin! I cannot even express how much this means to me. There are SO many adorable pieces and they all fit! I am good on clothes for myself now. It makes such a huge difference to have clothes that fit your changing/growing body. It does not feel good to try and squeeze into things that don’t fit. I will pass these on to another Mama when I am finished loving them. Thank you, thank you! <3

I got some earrings off Amazon last week and have been wearing them all the time. They come in a pack of four with the cutest colors/designs – white, white and black, brown and black, and a green and dark green. You can see them below. I wore the black and white last night.

You can shop the earrings below. I LOVE them and really like all the different colors that came with this pack…I don’t now if I can pick a favorite, maybe the black and white…they have gone up to $12.99, but were $9.99 when I got them, so there might be an additional coupon when you add to cart – just double check! They are SUPER lightweight.

We had girls’ night at Cesar’s last night and it was SO fun. I had the chimichanga (AMAZING) and have enough for lunch today. Yay! I told Jake the first place I want to go after baby is born is Cesar’s for their sangria. It is the BEST.

I couldn’t remember the last time I had a girls’ night, which is probably why we didn’t get home until after 9pm, HA! We were just having so much fun together. I love spending time with these pretty gals.

Coffee before the gym this morning. Always! I also had a banana because I woke up starving. I am either starving or not hungry at all right now. There is no in-between.

I am the worst at remembering to breathe during moves, so I am thankful the trainers at AYB are there to remind me. Especially now! The bump is definitely limiting my depth on movements, but I am SO thankful for the ability to continue lifting. It makes me happy.

I have a three-day conference that starts today, but it is one where you can pick and choose the sessions you attend, which is nice. This one is just a learning opportunity for me, so I am going to try and learn as much as I can!

Happy Wednesday, friends!

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