Weekend Wrap-up: Complete with…my parents were right + Jake update + setting things up!

Jake was gone most of the weekend for a race, but the girls and I stayed pretty busy. Jake had a hundred mile race in Arkansas that started super early Saturday morning, so he left Friday morning to get down there and set up his camp spot. This was the first hundred he’s done that I didn’t go to to crew for him and I hated it. I had a conference on Friday and the timing didn’t work for it to be over in time to go with Jake. It also rained most of the weekend and he was camping, so we decided this was a good one for me to miss. Unfortunately, Jake had some terrible sciatic nerve pain and ended up dropping from the race at mile 48. He was so bummed, but knew it wasn’t smart to push through that nerve pain. I think he made the right decision, but it wasn’t an easy one for him to make. Now we figure out what’s causing this issue and get him healthy so he can crush his next race! Lunch on Friday during my conference was a chicken, bacon, and veggie wrap with brussels on the side. YUM.

Our Friday evening looked like this….all the couch relaxing. It was wonderful.

I wasn’t super hungry, but decided a milkshake sounded good, so I blended some protein powder, almond milk, chocolate Andy’s ice cream, and ice cubes together. This turned out to be delicious.

Is it really a milkshake if it doesn’t have whipped cream? I say no! This immediately upset my stomach, but it sure tasted good.

Scroll past this next picture if you don’t like blood! I woke up Saturday morning and learned that my parents were right…we shouldn’t use our teeth to open things. Ouch. I was trying to open a new container of collagen to add to my coffee. I couldn’t get the paper tab up, so I used my teeth to try and get it started. Well, I ripped the tab off and the top of the plastic container (where the lid screws onto the top), slammed into my mouth. I didn’t notice it at first and then couldn’t figure out why I was tasting blood…I had sliced from the outside of my lip down to my gum line. So dumb. Thankfully, it has healed quickly and wasn’t too sore. I definitely felt like an idiot.

I got some new super comfy pillows for our couch and I think it completely changed our living room. I’m a sucker for pillows.

Jake bought some Pop-Tarts to take with him for his race, but he left two packages at home. They are now gone. I LOVE Pop-Tarts, especially when they’re still warm from the toaster.

We were tracking Jake all day Saturday while he raced. I was so nervous not being there, so I hopped on the treadmill to walk since it was raining. This was a good distraction.

I think these two were sad we weren’t walking outside…Lu kept trying to climb onto the treadmill.

I got the news that Jake dropped late Saturday afternoon. I was so bummed for him. I knew how hard he had worked and that choosing to drop was not an easy decision for him. He called and filled me in on everything and told me he was going to stay down there another night to cheer runners on as they crossed the finish line. Typical Jake – always positive and encouraging others even when his own race didn’t go how he had hoped. The girls and I had another lazy evening – dinner was pizza roll-ups and a Granny Smith apple (my favorite).

Sunday morning started with sleeping in, then getting out for our walk. Jake got home about halfway through our 5k, so he joined us for the second half. We were so glad to have him home!

After our walk, Jake worked on cleaning up all his race stuff and I got started on meal prep. Lunches this week are teriyaki chicken bowls with rice, quinoa, and broccoli.

Breakfasts are burritos with potatoes, sausage, spinach, egg, and cheese. I like to cook everything for the filling together, then wrap my burritos.

Burrito wrapping hack – heat the tortillas up in the microwave for 20 seconds before adding the filling and wrapping. This keeps them from breaking. I wrap ours in a paper towel for easy reheating. I store them in the fridge for about 4 days or so. Such an easy grab and go breakfast option.

Y’all, we set up our new king bed!! We aren’t sleeping in the master yet, but it feels so good to have the bed frame put together and to see a bed in this room! I can’t wait to get moved in here. We worked in this room most of last night, trying to figure out how our furniture will fit best with a bigger bed. I think we figured it out! Can’t wait to share the finished room with you…maybe in the next month or so…

Baby boy is still growing – we have an anatomy scan tomorrow. I am excited and nervous!

Monday morning started in the best way – coffee and the gym. Now to knock out a bunch of computer work…

Happy Monday, friends!


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  1. Rebecca Sudja

    I was also at AT100. It was a super tough day for MANY of us! I had to drop at mile 79. It is soooo hard to make that decision so I feel for him. My feet were a mess of blisters on top of blisters (after my first 100 I ended up with a terrible foot infection that left me down for months and I didn’t want that to happen again) and got behind on time. There was no way to make the last cutoff. It just wasn’t a good day to finish a hundred miler. Hope he figures out that pain! I have had that same issue (but it was during my pregnancy). Maybe he is having sympathy pains :).

    • papersandpavement

      I saw your name on the tracker!! I’m so sorry to hear you had to drop, too. It’s never an easy decision. I hope your feet are healing.

      Hahahah, yes! Sympathy pains. That must be it. 😂

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