Exploring new places + the BEST pants + sometimes ya just need pancakes…

I am super excited to have partnered with Palmer’s to try some new products to keep my growing belly moisturized and help prevent stretch marks! I have been using their Skin Therapy Oil and Stretch Marks massage lotion for about two weeks now and it keeps my skin SO soft and takes the itch away. I shared these two product on Instagram earlier this week and had multiple mamas reach out to me and say they swore by both of them. I will be stocking up on these and using them for the next 19 weeks! That’s for sure. Thank you, Palmer’s! You can find both of these items below.

I had a busy day Wednesday, so we didn’t have time for our 5k. I knew I needed a little bit of movement, so I hopped on the treadmill while it rained and walked for 20 minutes. Something is better than nothing! I have a Trail Sisters event Saturday, so we’ll have no trouble getting in our five 5ks for the week.

Sometimes ya just need your Mom to hold you while she has a meeting in the kitchen. I had back-to-back meetings from 11:30-4:30 Wednesday. By the time my last one started, I was getting antsy. I took my computer into the kitchen so I could clean up in there while I listened. I was thankful that’s all I needed to do for this meeting. Plus, I love any Lu cuddles I can get.

As soon as my last meeting was over, I put on real clothes and got ready for dinner with my friend, Adrienne. I wore my favorite maternity pants from Old Navy – I have these, these, these, and these. Yes, I am obsessed.

This adorable sweater is another one that Kristin gifted to me. I LOVE it. Thank you, again, Kristin!!!

Adrienne and I went to The Mill for the first time. It was AMAZING! We shared the risotto and cornbread appetizers, both of which were outstanding.

We each ordered the catfish – also incredible! I took half home and Jake chowed down on it the second I walked through the door. He loved it, too.

The views are gorgeous. It was rainy when we got there, so we sat inside. They have massive windows so you can still see out. We can’t wait to go back and sit outside. 10/10 recommend checking out The Mill!

This is the view when you walk up to the restaurant. So, so pretty.

I love exploring new places with this gal! We have been friends since we were super young…kindergarten, I think? She’s the best.

After the gym Thursday morning, I had a meeting, then the girls and I got out for our daily 5k.

I had another meeting around lunch time, so I ate while I met with two of my colleagues. They were also eating lunch, so it worked out perfectly.

When I wrapped up with work for the day, I was motivated to work on the windows in our master again, so I started scraping off the peeling paint in-between the window and the storm window. We need to scrape, sand, caulk, and prime, then we can paint these bad boys. I worked for about an hour, then got SO sleepy, so I called it quits and lounged in my recliner until Jake got home. I had chickpea tacos on the menu for dinner, but that did not sound good at all, so I made them for Jake and made myself this massive plate of pancakes. It was delicious. The baby loved it, too, because he started moving like crazy while I was eating.

We are 21 weeks today! So crazy to think we are over halfway. Things have gone by so slowly, but also so quickly at the same time. Jake finally was able to feel the baby move last night! It was so exciting. Baby B is the size of a Kool-Aid Burst (or a banana) this week.

Happy Friday, friends!

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