I love this casserole + carpal tunnel?! + small victory this morning

This breakfast casserole is SO filling and delicious. Since I forgot to put cheese on the top before I cooked everything, I’ve been adding cheese before I heat it up. SO good. This has hash browns, biscuits, sausage, mushroom, and egg. Oh, aaaand cheese!

The girls and I attempted to beat the rain on Monday and get our 5k in outside. No such luck. Not even 5 seconds after starting, the rain picked back up. We got about a mile in in the rain, then I hopped on the treadmill to finish up. I wish we had a treadmill for dogs. I think both of our girls would use it

Anyone else get excited about picking out a Tupperware container that fits your leftovers perfectly?? I sure do.

Tuesday morning started with the gym, which was quickly followed by breakfast. More casserole. Yum.

Baby boy is really growing! I can feel him so much now, which I love. I ordered some of my favorite clothes in a bigger size and that has helped things not be too tight on my belly. I also have freaking carpal tunnel, which I guess is common in pregnancy since blood volume just about doubles. It only bothers me at night and when I first wake up, so I’m thankful for that, but it’s waking me up 3-4 times each night, which isn’t fun. I have a wrist brace somewhere from when I got carpal tunnel while we were painting a ton in our house, so I am going to find that and see if sleeping with it on tonight helps.

My Mom always keeps up laughing…I sent her and my sister a picture saying that my belly was bigger than my butt. My Mom said, “I like big butts. I cannot lie.” If you don’t know the song, Baby Got Back, that is what she was quoting. It made me laugh SO hard.

Lunch was caprese salad and a chicken salad wrap. Other than breakfast, food has not been sounding good this week, so I’m trying to stick to healthier things and force myself to eat when I need to. I start to feel sick if I go too long without eating, but it’s hard to eat when the thought of food makes me feel nauseated. Hoping my appetite comes back soon!

Food that DID sound good yesterday was a piece of pumpkin banana bread, so I had that as an afternoon snack. I have also been super thirsty lately. I almost always drink a gallon of water a day, but lately, it’s been a gallon and a half to two gallons. I just can’t seem to get enough water!

When you are pretty fed up with your Mom because she won’t feed you. Lu sat like this and stared at me from about 4:45pm until a little after 5 when I FINALLY fed her. I swear dogs can tell time…for the most part, Rhea couldn’t care less about food. Not Lu. Food is everything to Lu.

Dinner last night, yet another meal that sounded gross, was chicken fajita tacos. This tasted good once I started eating, but the thought of it was unappealing. Jake said it were delicious, so I’m going to trust him.

I started my morning at the gym. I was SO tired when I woke up today, but knew I’d feel better if I moved, so I headed to the gym. I had a small victory in the back squat, so I’m glad I went. After 7 weeks of being unable to go to the gym right around our transfer, then having a weight restriction of 40 lbs until 14ish weeks, I have been working to slowly build back my strength. I was able to squat 75 lbs today. I was excited. I know I can squat heavier when I’m not so sleepy, so we’ll see what next week holds! I modified hip thrusts today with dumbbells instead of a barbell. This is much more comfortable for me right now.

Happy Wednesday, friends!

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