Grading finals + carpal tunnel brace + caramel dip – YUM

Two of my three classes were seven-weeks long this fall, so they ended this week. I am just about finished grading finals, which feels so good. I will finish out the rest of the fall semester with my last class, then won’t teach again until the middle of March, which is crazy! All of my spring courses are seven-weeks, so instead of getting an adjunct to cover for me in February when the baby comes, we moved the start date of my courses to the second round of seven-weeks, so I will be able to take some time off when for maternity leave. I do not get maternity leave, so I will use sick leave to cover my time off. Not ideal, but I am so appreciative to my boss for being flexible and working with me on my courses. Plus, I love the classes I have in the spring and am a bit of a control freak, so I would like to be the one teaching them. I think it will work out perfectly! It helps that I work from home, too.

Lunches have still been chicken salad with spicy cheese and Polynesian sauce. I am still struggling with wanting to eat right now, so trying to force myself to eat semi-healthy things.

We are still working away on our dining room. Jake and his Dad primed the whole room and we thought we’d be getting to paint, but then Jake spotted a few imperfections, so it’s back to mudding and sanding. Rhea tries to help whenever Jake is in here working.

I have been sleeping with a carpal tunnel brace and it is helping a lot with my nighttime carpal tunnel. Who knew carpal tunnel was a pregnancy symptom?! I am thankful it is its worst at night. This brace has helped me the past two nights. I was waking up to the pain about 3-4 times a night, but since wearing this, I haven’t been woken up by carpal tunnel pain! Now I am only waking up to use the bathroom every two hours or so, ha!

My Mom gave me this book to read awhile ago and I finally started it. It is really, really good! I am a little over halfway through it and am enjoying it so much. If you’re looking for something to read, check out A Fall of Marigolds.

Pancakes and cheesy eggs were calling my name Thursday morning. I chowed down on this deliciousness before heading to the gym. I don’t know why pancakes are so amazing, but they are my favorite right now.

More chicken salad with spicy cheese and Polynesian sauce. I am officially tired of chicken salad…

A woman in my February moms group posted about her caramel and apple obsession. The second I saw the picture, I HAD to get caramel. I have been eating a granny smith apple every single day, so it just made good sense to add delicious caramel to that. I snagged this from Target.

This snack was amazing. Oh my gosh. I am already looking forward to having it again today…

Finally a dinner that sounded (and tasted) good! Bacon cheeseburgers, veggies, and sweet potato fries. This meal hit the spot!

I am off to walk with some of my gal pals, then need to run a few errands before knocking out some work today.

Happy Friday, friends!

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