Weekend Wrap-up: failed with pictures + nothing sounds good + five million things to do…

My Friday ended up being pretty crazy. I had two meetings that both went super long. My first meeting didn’t have an end time, so as it neared 1pm, I was STARVING. I finally had to order Chick-fil-A delivery for lunch since I had planned to get lunch out Friday afternoon. I had the spicy chicken sandwich, which was delicious.

As my second meeting neared it’s two hour mark, I just couldn’t sit any longer. I just needed to listen to this meeting, so I moved my computer into the room I am currently working on windows in and got started sanding. It helped me so much to be able to move while also participating in the meeting.

Jake and I had a date night Friday night (I failed to take a picture), then we headed to my birth mom’s house for a bonfire to celebrate her birthday (also failed to take pictures). It was such a fun evening! Saturday morning it stormed like crazy, so I lounged in bed and then made cheesy eggs and waffles for breakfast.

Baby boy is growing like crazy (so am I)! He’s moving so much and I love to be able to feel that and sometimes see it.

I grabbed the Jimmy John’s veggie sandwich for lunch. I don’t like eating out as much as I did this weekend, but nothing sounded good, so when I had a craving, I went for it.

It was super rainy most of the day Saturday, so we had a lazy day and knocked out a bunch of work around the house. I did laundry, worked on the windows in the nursery, forced Lu to cuddle, and watched a little Netflix. I started Maid on Netflix – it’s so good. If you’re looking for a new show, check it out. It finally stopped raining and got super nice, so I headed over to my friend, Kayla’s, for a fun friend hang out. I failed to take a single picture, but it had been SO long since I’d seen some of our friends. It was SO amazing to see everyone. Jake got called into work early Saturday morning, but he met me at Kayla’s when he finished up for the day.

Sunday morning started with another plate of cheesy eggs, waffles, and a protein shake for breakfast. After breakfast, I did a little work around the house and grabbed our groceries for the week.

Someone already loves to cuddle with her brother…

Jake and I picked up pizzas Sunday night and took them over to my parents’ for dinner. My grandma was in town, so it was super nice to sit and relax and catch up with her. I only managed to take this picture…I told you…I failed at pictures this weekend.

Breakfast today – more eggs, waffles, and a protein shake. My day today is a little crazy, so I’m trying to buckle down and knock out a bunch of work and grading.

Happy Monday, friends!

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