I may not make it…+ our little Shrek girl + go, Jake, go!

This week has been slightly crazy, but nowhere near as crazy as my next two weeks will be. I am trying to mentally prepare for them. The silver lining – time goes by SO quickly when I’m busy and I have my first family baby shower in two weeks, which I am so excited about. I cannot wait to see everyone! So, at least the days should go by quickly! Now to try and keep my sanity… ; )

I have been on this breakfast kick all week: waffles, cheesy eggs, and a protein shake.

I worked at the computer most of Wednesday after the gym and took a lunch break at some point. Another veggie sandwich and grapes.

We had some bananas that were going to go bad before we could eat them, so I made banana muffins. I followed THIS recipe, but had a major brain fart and forgot the oil. HA! They still turned out really good. I was shocked they were okay.

The final product: dipped in butter and cinnamon and sugar. They’re delicious.

We have a favorite veggie meatloaf recipe from a Skratch cookbook, but I think it’s in our storage unit, so I made a new one this week. I loosely followed THIS recipe – I skipped the flaxseed/legume part and used eggs since we aren’t vegan and I was feeling lazy. I also added more tomato paste and bread crumbs than the recipe called for. It turned out pretty dang delicious!

The girls are VERY helpful when it comes to packing for things…Rhea gets as close to us as possible. To help.

I used to drink my coffee black, but when I was so nauseated in my first trimester, I started adding creamer. I will eventually go back to black coffee, but I am enjoying my creamer splurge for right now. This stuff is DELICIOUS.

New day, same breakfast.

Lu got her hair cut yesterday and I asked them to trim her ears super short…

Pictures don’t really do it justice, but I cannot help but laugh whenever I look at Lu. Her little ears are just so tiny!

Get you a friend who will randomly send you goodies like this in the mail. Thank you, Alex!!!! You made my day. <3

Lunch was another veggie sandwich, leftover steak, and grapes. I think I am officially tired of veggie sandwiches…

I saw these at the grocery story and couldn’t pass them up. I like dark chocolate covered pretzels better, but these were calling my name. They’re pretty delicious.

Don’t worry, Lu….your ear hair will grow back!

Okay, last picture of her…hahaha her ears. They’re so tiny.

Remember how Jake pulled out of his hundred a few weeks ago due to sciatic pain? Well, after seeing lots of smart people, we think his new compression shorts were too tight and were what caused the pain. Crazy, huh? BUT, we are beyond thankful he isn’t injured!! Well, he was all trained up to run a hundred, and there’s a hundred this weekend that he has always wanted to run, so guess what we are doing – knocking out a hundo! I don’t know if I’ll have service all weekend, but I will try my best to post updates on social media like I usually do for his big races. Baby boy and I are excited to crew for Jake and cheer him on. I will share all about his race on Monday! Go, Jake, go – you’re going to crush this one!

More exciting news, baby boy is 24 weeks today! He is the size of a pomegranate. He is definitely growing, which is fun to watch. I love feeling his little movements. My carpal tunnel was terrible last night and kept me up multiple times throughout the night, so I’m really praying it goes away…at least a little bit. We see our doctor Monday, so i’m going to ask her if there are any secrets to managing it other than wearing the brace I’m already wearing. At one point last night, I had shooting pains from my shoulder to my fingertips. Not fun. BUT, I’ll take whatever comes my way if it means baby boy is healthy and growing!

Happy Friday, friends!

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