Weekend Wrap-up: race stuff + crew fun + Halloween!

What. A. Weekend! We spent most of the weekend out of town, crewing for Jake’s hundred mile race. His race was in Steelville, MO, which is about three hours from home. Poor Jake ended up having some excruciating leg pain, so he dropped out of the race at mile 65. I know he was and still is beyond disappointed, but I cannot even explain how proud of him I am. He is hands-down the hardest working person I know. We will find out what is causing this pain and get him back on the trails doing what he loves.

Before we headed out of town on Friday, I tried some new Flutter Habit lashes. I love the longer length, called the Originals, but they were almost too long for every day wear, so I tried some shorter ones, called the Shorties. I love them so far.

Saturday morning, we were up at 3am to get ready for the 6am race start. Jake’s mom, dad, and step-dad are my favorite people to crew with. I think we make a good team and we have what Jake needs down to a science. Jake is crazy organized, which makes our jobs fairly easy. I love crewing for him with this amazing group. <3

My favorite husband, baby daddy, and racer.

Off they go!

Here he is coming in at mile 14. He looked SO amazing. He was in 4th place and was ahead of where he wanted to be at this mileage. We loved seeing him so upbeat and feeling successful.

I think he was in this aid station for about a minute. Jake has his nutrition needs dialed so well that we simply handed him a Ziploc with everything he needed and two fresh water bottles and he was off again.

We didn’t see Jake again until mile 40, so we roughed it in the car, having snacks and watching movies. Crew life is a rough life. ; )

The weather on Saturday was PERFECT. It was the right amount of chilly and once the sun popped out, it felt amazing.

Here he is running into the 40 mile aid station. We could tell something was wrong. He was shaking, told us he was in pain, but he just grabbed his Ziploc, a headlamp, fresh bottles, and headed back out. We knew he must really be hurting for him to rush like that and not give us more feedback. He was still in fourth place when he came into this aid station, but he was out of here faster than the other racer, so he left in third place, which is so amazing.

He got to pick up his Dad as pacer at 40 miles, so we were hopeful that would maybe help distract him from how miserable he was. Here they are getting ready to take off. We wouldn’t see them again until mile 65.

It always makes me feel better when Jake is able to pick up a pacer. I love knowing that he isn’t running through the woods alone.

We were all pretty worried about Jake and just praying his pain would go away. We got back in the car, drove to the next aid station, then put on another movie. I think I slept about two hours at this aid station while we were waiting. It’s hard to be pregnant and crew!

Here we are waiting for him at mile 65. Jake was about an hour late getting to this aid station. We tried to stay positive and tell ourselves that he just slowed down to help with his leg pain. He came into the aid station a little after 9:30pm. We could tell right away something wasn’t right. He stopped and told the check-in at the aid station that he was dropping, then he limped over to us. It was about 40 degrees and they had gone through multiple water crossings. Since Jake hadn’t been able to run, they had been moving slowly, which meant they didn’t have a chance to warm up. Our number one goal was getting him in the car and getting him warm. It broke our hearts to see him so disappointed about dropping out of the race, but we ALL knew he had made the right decision. He definitely pushed his body as far as it would go.

Jake’s poor feet and ankles…his legs are swollen all over. Not from falling or anything, but from muscle and tendon tears. He definitely pushed himself to the limit over the weekend. Now to get him healthy and figure out what is causing his severe leg pain.

Sometimes ya just need Peking House. This was delicious. We had some friends over to watch the Halloween parade on our street and pass out candy Sunday night. It was a fun, relaxing evening.

Since we didn’t think we’d be home to pass out candy for trick or treaters, we were not prepared at all. Jake ran to the store to grab some last-minute candy and he threw on his unicorn onesie. So glad we kept this from one of his mountain bike races…HA! He got a lot of laughs last night.

Can’t believe we will have an addition for Halloween next year…baby boy, we cannot wait to meet you!

I rocked my Spooky Mama shirt from PGPApparel. This was my first ‘mom’ purchase and I was saving it for Halloween.

So excited to check on baby boy earlier this morning! This was our first of two appointments this week.

Anyone else make their husband take a picture with a poster of female anatomy in OB’s office? I laughed way too hard about this. Everything with baby boy checked out today! My blood pressure is great, no sugars or protein in my urine, his heart rate was strong and 152, and he’s measuring right where he should for a little over 24 weeks! So, so thankful. Tomorrow, we go in for the rest of our anatomy scan and his heart echo, which is common monitoring for IVF babies.

Happy Monday, friends!

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