Pumpkin waffles + new fave outfit + outta here!

I saw these pumpkin waffles at the store and HAD to get them. They’re delicious.

Still on my waffles and cheesy eggs kick.

If you’ve been here for awhile, you know I am obsessed with Senita Athletic wear. I started running in their compression shorts about two years ago and have never looked back. I don’t think I could run in anything else. The Rio Short is my all-time favorite. I have seven or eight pairs…they’re super affordable, too. I recently tried their maternity pants and a tank – holy wow – I am officially hooked! If you’re looking for affordable, high-quality gear, check out Senita.

How much Yum Yum sauce is too much Yum Yum sauce? Asking for myself…lunches this week are chicken, broccoli, and rice bowls. With ALL the Yum Yum sauce…

Dinner Tuesday was leftover beef stew – SO delicious. I spent most of the day Tuesday on my computer, so I don’t have anything fun to report.

I crawled into bed to read Tuesday night at 7:30pm. I finally finished this book, The Aviator’s Wife. It was SO good. It is all about Charles and Anne Lindbergh. It is extremely interesting and gives you an insight into their lives other than flying. 10/10 recommend.

Wednesday morning started with cheesy eggs and waffles before heading to the gym.

I FINALLY got out for a walk…I think it had been four days since my last one. It felt so good to get out in the sunshine with the girls.

Rhea is always in the process of tormenting Lu, no matter if Lu is awake or asleep. Typical little sister, I guess.

Bump Boxes sent me another box and I LOVE all of the self-care, pampering items this one came with. The Tired as a Mother mug is maybe my favorite. Plus, that anti-stretch oil smells SO good. You can shop HERE and get up to 50% off your 1st box + FREE gift + FREE shipping! You can set up how often you’d like your boxes sent to you, too! Thank you, Bump Boxes!

Wickles also sent me all these goodies and totally made my day! The okra and spicy pickles are my favorite, but I have yet to try something that I don’t like. Mama Jean’s carries Wickles if you’re local!! They’re the best. Thank you, Wickles!!

My furry co-workers do not know what personal space means.

Dinner last night was ground turkey, green chiles, and spinach tacos. They turned out really, really tasty. I topped mine with mango salsa, cheese, and plain Greek yogurt.

After dinner dessert – the new s’more concrete from Andy’s. It was okay! Not my favorite, but not the worst. I think the marshmallow was a little over powering.

We both regretted this ice cream almost instantly…it upset our stomachs so bad.

We are headed to Iowa this morning for my cousin’s wedding, which I am so excited about. I cannot wait to see my family! I have one meeting today, which I will hop into from the road. We’ll see how many bathroom breaks we have to make on this little road trip…baby boy is 25 weeks today!

Happy Friday, friends!

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