Weekend Wrap-up: family time + wedding fun + outta here again!

What a wonderful weekend! It was full of family, celebrating love, and lots of laughter. On Friday, Timehop reminded me that Jake and I had our engagement photoshoot four years ago. It was so fun to look back over these pictures. Brandi, the owner of BGstudios Photography, always takes all of our photos. She has taken our engagement photos, our wedding photos, and all the family photos we have taken in-between. The next photo session we will have with her will be our maternity photoshoot! I’m already so excited.

Sour gummies are a must on road trips. Well, they’re good all the time…especially when you’re pregnant.

I rode to Iowa with my parents since Jake was planning to leave after work. I wanted to go to the rehearsal dinner and spend time with everyone since it was such a quick trip. Baby boy was my dinner date while we waited for his Dad to join us.

We grabbed lunch in downtown Des Moines Saturday afternoon. I ordered the fish and chips (with pretzel fries instead of regular fries). This was some of the best food I’ve ever had! SO amazing.

Ready to celebrate my cousin and his new bride with my favorite fellas.

Plus another favorite fella – my Dad!

This is my Mama and her sister, the mother of the groom. How gorgeous is my aunt? Her dress was SO perfect and she looked incredible.

This was baby boy’s second wedding. I think it was also his last one before he’s here with us!

The wedding was in the most beautiful church. This picture definitely does not do it justice.

One of my aunts gave us the coolest bath toys for baby boy. Eleanor was intrigued by everything.

After dinner, we danced the night away until about 10pm. I was so sleepy by the time we got back to the hotel. Everything about my cousin’s wedding was perfect. We had so much fun. I wore one of my Grandma’s necklaces. It was a fun way to remember her and feel like a part of her was at the wedding with us. My aunt also wore a necklace with a diamond from my Grandma’s wedding ring on it. I loved all the different ways we were able to remember her.

The centerpieces were different at every table, but each one was so gorgeous. I loved the gold accents everywhere, too.

Cupcakes? Yes, please. Always.

So, so happy for you, TJ! Dani is amazing and I’m so glad she’s part of our family.

Jake and I got home about 4pm Sunday evening. The girls stuck pretty close to us. I think they missed us as much as we missed them! After we got everything unloaded and started some laundry, we headed to Jake’s parents’ house to watch the season premiere of Yellowstone. It was SO good.

I wanted to share some affordable ear buds with you, but they are currently sold out – they’re that good. I have shared products from this company twice before, but they just came out with some new ear buds and sent them to me to try out. WOW. They are so dang comfortable and under $25! You can’t beat that. I have Apple AirPods that I use just about every day for work and I love them, but if you’re looking for an inexpensive pair that is just as comfortable, check these out when they’re back in stock. I am super impressed with them so far – they have a battery life of seven hours after a full charge, and you can get 35 hours with a fully charged case.

The new ones are called the Senso Orbits – I’ll share a link one they’re back in stock!

I leave tomorrow for a work conference and won’t be back home until Friday. I am trying to get a bunch of things accomplished around the house before I leave. It’s perfect timing, though, because Jake will knock out some big projects at home while I’m gone. He has to use a paint that I can’t be around right now, so the timing of my trip worked out great. By the time I’m back home Friday, our dining room should be finished and the windows in both the nursery and our master should be painted. I’m so excited! Go, Jake, go!

Happy Monday, friends!

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