Back to no veggies + naps are my favorite + work conference!

I met a girlfriend for coffee Monday morning. I failed to take a picture of us, but Mel, it was so amazing to see you! Mel is also pregnant with a baby boy abs is about 6 weeks ahead of me. So dang excited for her and her hubby!! Baby B and Baby S have some play dates in their fixture. : )

I am back to not really wanting veggies, which bums me out, but I’m just going to focus on eating what sounds good. I found a plant-based chicken burrito in our freezer, so I had that with a pop-tart for lunch on Monday.

I spent most of Monday on my computer, then tried to knock out some other things around the house before I got ready to leave for my work conference Tuesday. Rhea was unimpressed with my time spent on the computer…she just stared at me and judged me a little.

I think I was so worn out from all our traveling over the weekend. I was SO tired all dang day. A nap finally won once I couldn’t shake the sleepiness. The girls joined me for some much needed cuddles.

I felt much better after a short nap. I knocked out a little meal prep for Jake to have while I’m gone this week – oatmeal and sandwiches (not shown). Jake is busting his tush this week to knock out a bunch of projects around our house while I’m gone. When I get back home, I think the dining room will be painted as well as the windows in both nursery and our master bedrooms. I’m so excited!! And so so thankful for all his hard work.

Jake grilled us delicious beef brats and veggies for dinner Monday night. I loved these veggies, so that made me feel good. Maybe there is hope…

Houston, we have a problem. Shaving has become increasingly difficult. I had an incident last week with a lot of blood. Ladies, if you have any shaving tricks, please send them my way!

Up early Tuesday morning to head to the airport! I had some oats and peanut butter while I waited for my Mom to pick me up and take me. Thank you, Mama! <3

I sipped on a delicious oat milk latte while I waited for my flight to Dallas.

I am currently reading Water for Elephants. This has been on my list for years, so I’m finally getting around to reading it. I read the whole time I was on both of my flights, so I bet I’m able to finish this on my trip home. It’s SO good.

My travel day was so smooth. There wasn’t a single hiccup and I was so thankful. I was a little nervous traveling alone while pregnant, but everything went great! My conference is in New Orleans, so had one short layover in Dallas.

I had the sweetest moment in the Dallas airport Tuesday. The second I got off the plane, I NEEDED a cinnamon sugar pretzel. I was so excited because there was an Auntie Anne’s right next to my gate. I got there, ordered a cinnamon sugar pretzel and was told they were out. I was so sad. I stood there for a second trying to decide what else to get and the sweet lady behind the counter goes, “oh! You’re pregnant! I’ll make you a cinnamon sugar. The baby needs it!” I almost cried. She was so kind and totally made my day. And the pretzel was amazing.

I got to my hotel and knocked out a little work before ordering some food. I managed to get two of my three spring classes built, which is huge. I didn’t think I’d have time to do any of that work until next week, so I was thankful for some downtime to work.

I ordered a blackened catfish po’boy and it was delicious. I don’t like exploring new places when I’m alone, so I probably won’t venture out a ton until I’m with my colleagues, which is just fine. I’ll be able to knock out some things on my to-do list.

Jake had a dentist appointment after work yesterday, so he got to see my Dad and Kayla. I was slightly jealous. They sent me this selfie, which made me laugh.

I worked from the time I got to the hotel until bed. I got SO much finished, which feels good. It’s crazy to work on my spring classes and think that when I’m teaching them, baby boy will be here!

The conference starts this morning, so I’m off to attend some sessions. I present this afternoon, then will just attend sessions the rest of Wednesday and Thursday. I leave super early Friday for home. I think this week will fly by!

Happy Wednesday, friends!


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  1. Becky

    Hello! This is a strange comment, but does Jake have a whitening product on his teeth? I have been looking to try some…I love coffee and it’s staining my teeth. If so what kind does your Dad use at his office?

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