Biscuit love + dining room progress! + 95 pounds & 27 weeks!

I am on a biscuit kick this week – biscuits with jelly and cheesy eggs for breakfast. Yes, please!

I threw together all kinds of chili goodness late Tuesday morning. I love knowing that our dinner will be ready with little to no effort. I have an instant pot, but I think my crockpot is my favorite of the two. If you have any instant pot recipes that I should try, please send them my way!

Post-gym snack – a banana and decaf coffee with cookies and cream protein powder.

Still loving this lunch – sourdough bread, chicken, provolone cheese, Chick-fil-A sauce, and a salad. I spent most of Wednesday on my computer, so took a lunch break in-between meetings. The week before a break from work always seems to be a little extra crazy.

Anyone else obsessed with oyster crackers? They are probably my all-time favorite cracker. I like them added to soups or just by themselves. I think I could eat an entire bag in one sitting…they were super delicious in the chili.

Y’all, I have very exciting news – our dining room is finished!!! Jake and his Dad finished the ceiling and trim while I was in New Orleans last week, then Wednesday night, they did the first coat of paint on the walls, and then Jake finished the second coat Thursday night. I will share pictures of everything on Monday! We have had this room taped off since May…it definitely took us the longest of any project. We had a lot of different things come up in that time, so it FINALLY feels good to have this room finished. Wahoo!

Lu was here…her battle against all throw pillows continues…

Just a book and my girls – makes my heart happy! Lu has slept in bed with us every night since moving to our king bed. I think she likes all the space. She accidentally got kicked a lot in our queen.

I had plans to start this Wednesday evening, but just got too tired. This is my next book, called, Lilac Girls. I am excited to dive in.

Jake is the king of shopping on Facebook Marketplace. My Dad is building our dining room table from a walnut tree we had cut down in our backyard. We are SO excited about it, but it won’t be ready for at least a year or so, so we have been on the hunt for things to use in the meantime. We haven’t found a table we like yet, but Jake found these chairs and they’re perfect. We may even continue to use them once we have our table from my Dad. Jake got these for $25 a piece. I couldn’t believe it. They’re super comfy, too. I love a good bargain! Now to find two more chairs that complement these and a table.

More cheesy eggs and a biscuit for breakfast before the gym Thursday morning.

I felt so good at the gym Thursday and was able to squat 95 pounds for 6 reps. I was so excited! A few weeks ago, I came home and told Jake that it was difficult to squat 60 pounds. I know how my body feels is unpredictable right now, and that’s okay! I will take small wins when I get them. Who knows how I’ll feel next week, but I think I smiled the whole time I was squatting yesterday. Lifting makes me happy. So does running, but just not right now. It is SUPER uncomfortable any time I try to run. The nice thing about the sports I love is that they’ll be waiting for me when I’m ready.

Lunch was another chicken sandwich and salad, plus some chips on the side.

The girls and I got out for a walk Thursday afternoon and got in almost 2.5 miles. The sunshine felt so great.

More chili for dinner last night. I promise there’s chili under those oyster crackers…

While Jake finished the last coat of paint in our dining room, the girls and I cuddled on the couch. Since my carpal tunnel is pretty awful right now, Jake didn’t let me help paint at all. I don’t like not helping. Plus, I really enjoy painting. I am ready to get back to knocking out some projects with him, but I loved the cuddles from our girls.

Baby boy is 27 weeks today! This is our last week in the second trimester, which is crazy to think about. I can’t believe we are getting close to the third and final trimester. Even though we have another baby on ice and pray we can give baby boy a sibling, I know nothing is guaranteed, so I am trying to enjoy everything about this pregnancy. I don’t want to take anything for granted, even with this pregnancy, so I am continuing to pray for a healthy baby, my own health, and a healthy delivery.

Happy Friday, friends!

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