Weekend Wrap-up: we (Jake) found dressers + pretty much a break + the perfect Sunday!

We had such a wonderful weekend. I cannot believe that Thanksgiving is in three days! I love the holidays so much. I don’t know if I can pick between Thanksgiving and Christmas because I love them both. Rewinding to Friday, I met Kayla and Becca to walk at the outdoor track at the Y. It was chilly, so I tried to layer. It is difficult to layer when all of your clothes are tight, HA! I am thankful my sister gave me some of her jackets to wear. They fit perfectly over baby boy.

I definitely miss our early morning runs, but I’m so thankful I have girlfriends who will walk with me while I’m not running. I can’t wait to be back running with them.

I did a little organizing in our linen closet. Since we have a king bed now and plan to keep our queen for a guest room, I wanted to find a way to organize sheets. I got some cute bins from Menards and some chalkboard labels from Amazon. I don’t love chalk since it rubs off, but I DO love chalk markers. I used to use these in my classroom when I had a chalkboard and I loved them. I have used chalkboard labels and chalk markers for years to label different things, too. Those clear boxes are still organized and labeled from our old house. This really helps me keep track of where everything is stored.

These are the hanging chalkboard labels I have. This comes with 36 pieces for under $10. Yes, please!

These are the chalkboard markers I have used for years. They are still working great! I just checked my orders and I purchased mine in 2017 – they hold up!

Here are the chalkboard sticker labels I have. They are super sticky and wipe clean if you need to change what they say. These come with 96 pieces and two white chalkboard markers all for under $7.

These two got some good cuddles in Friday evening.

Saturday morning, Jake took Rhea for a run and Lu and I headed to meet some Trail Sisters for an event at Springfield Lake. It was chilly, but Lu was very ready for a walk.

I forgot Lu’s leash, so I was thankful my parents live close by. I ran by their house to borrow one of their leashes. This one says, “Dorman Granddogs” – so precious.

Springfield Lake is so pretty.

These gals ran on some trails around Springfield Lake while Lu and I walked on the paved trail. It was a gorgeous morning!

After our walk, Lu and I went to hang out at my parents’ for a little bit. Lu and my Dad played ball. Between ball and our walk, the second we got in the car to go home, Lu passed out.

I headed to a baby shower Saturday afternoon. I think this was my first baby shower where I didn’t have sadness mixed in with my excitement for the couple I was going to celebrate. Baby showers were difficult to attend when we were in the middle of our infertility journey and IVF. I was always so excited for everyone, but I also felt sadness for myself. And I think that’s okay. You can have space for both feelings. It was an amazing feeling to go to a baby shower and feel zero sadness. If you are currently in a place where you have sadness around someone having a baby, your feelings are VALID. You have every right to feel that way. It is okay. And I wish I could give you a huge hug.

We made pizza Saturday night and watched a movie. I sipped on some Frè alcohol-removed wine, which is delicious. This was the white zin and it’s so good.

Rhea was very into Happy Gilmore, but also wanted to cuddle.

Remember when I shared that we weren’t sure if we loved the new rug we got because we were still trying to find some new bedroom furniture? I also said we were maybe going to take a break from looking and just use what we currently have since it works? Wellllllll, I guess I just like to keep everyone on their toes. HA! We found two dressers that we loved. Here’s the before with the furniture from our queen bedroom set.

It’s hard to get our whole room in one picture, but we found blue dressers and they work perfectly! They also made us love our rug even more.

Jake found these on Facebook Marketplace (I told you…he’s amazing at finding furniture on there) and we went to look at them Sunday morning. I love blue and it works with the other colors in our house, so we were excited.

I love how they look in here. Soooo, we now have dressers. We still need two matching bedside tables, but who knows when we’ll find those….maybe today, maybe next year. ; )

Here are updated dining room pictures. Everything is painted! YAY! We left the covering over the floor because Jake’s Dad is going to help us hang lights in here, so once that is done, Jake will finish the flooring in the back (shouldn’t take more than a day), then we will get someone in to build the built-in cabinets and this room will be finished for now! We will eventually turn one of the walls into an accent wall, but there isn’t a rush to do that quite yet. Just having this room open and no longer taped off feels SO good. This was our last big project (until we do the kitchen) that was in the middle of the house and couldn’t be completely shut off. So, so glad this room is pretty much finished.

Our next project, other than finishing those small things in the dining room, is hanging our TV on the fireplace. Jake will paint this pipe black, use it to house cords, and hang the TV from it. We have everything we need for this project, so I think Jake plans to knock it out this week or next.

We grabbed dinner from Black Sheep last night to eat while we watched Yellowstone. I don’t have a huge appetite right now, so I ate half of mine and will have the other half today for lunch. It was delicious.

We also both got shakes. Holy yum. This was our first time trying their shakes. They’re AMAZING. I had the Oreo shake. I could only eat about a third of this, so I’m looking forward to leftovers this week.

I am not technically on my official break until Wednesday, but things have slowed WAY down – no meetings or anything this week, so it feels like I’m already on break. I have a 90-minute prenatal massage later today and I cannot wait! I had one a few months ago and it was incredible. Talk about a good way to kick off our fall break – massages are always a good idea.

Happy Monday, friends!

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